Cinionic Partners with AMC for 4K in Saudi Arabia

Image Courtesy Cinionic


AMC Saudi Arabia expands its 4K presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with four new locations powered by laser projection from Cinionic, a cinema joint venture of Barco, CGS, and ALPD cinema. Since entering the KSA two years ago, the circuit operated by AMC has grown to 40 screens, with more on the way later this year. From the start, AMC KSA has trusted Cinionic’s portfolio of 4K laser cinema solutions to power its theaters throughout Saudi Arabia. 

The recent AMC KSA locations, including Hafr Al Batin 8, Riyadh Gallery 9, Al Khair 9, and the newly opened Azizia Plaza 3 in Riyadh, more than double the circuit’s footprint in the region. To fuel its growth, AMC selected the visual presentation provided by 4K laser projection from Cinionic, including the award-winning Barco Series 4. 

Cinionic’s laser solutions feature proven and patented technology, providing superb film presentations consistently over time and brighter, high-quality images. AMC Saudi Arabia has made it a priority to offer enhanced amenities in all categories.

“Audiences in Saudi Arabia are tech-savvy and seek out leading cinema experiences,” said Wim Buyens, CEO, Cinionic. “AMC Saudi Arabia has delivered enhanced presentation powered by Cinionic’s laser portfolio since breaking ground in the region. As cinema expands and returns around the world, we remain ready to amaze audiences on every screen.” 

Movie theaters are an attractive entertainment choice for Saudi Arabia’s young population and families, where discerning moviegoers show a clear preference for premium sight and sound. Today, as before, the emphasis is on offering differentiated experiences that get people out of their homes and back to the movies.

Over 200 global exhibitors today turn to Cinionic’s leading portfolio of laser technology for ways to deliver unparalleled cinematic experiences for their guests, with more than 20,000 laser units currently in the field. In 2019, Cinionic introduced Barco Series 4 as part of its leading portfolio of laser projectors. The stand-out Series 4 laser projection platform powers the next generation with 4K laser and delivers a new visual standard in cinema. 

Image Courtesy Cinionic
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