CJ 4DPLEX Names Cinionic as a New Global Laser Projection Partner for ScreenX

Courtesy of Cinionic

Cinionic and CJ 4DPLEX announced a new partnership to power the global ScreenX format with Barco laser projection. The deal names Cinionic as the global laser projection partner for
ScreenX, covering future ScreenX installs and renewals of older sites. Now more than ever before, audiences are looking for high-quality, differentiated ways to go to the movies, accelerating the interest in laser-powered premium cinema experience. Cinionic’s solution for CJ 4DPLEX leverages Barco laser projection commonly deployed at large-scale installations and projection-mapped immersive experiences and will be used to offer a consistent image for the side-wall illumination in ScreenX’s unique format. With Cinionic, ScreenX can be delivered using a single projector for each side wall. Recently, ScreenX increased the amount of content shown on its expanded side screens, including music concert screenings that utilize the full panoramic potential throughout the entire presentation.

“This is another milestone for both companies as the footprints of ScreenX and Cinionic expand,” said Jong Ryul Kim, the chief executive officer of CJ 4DPLEX. “With the integration of upscaled ScreenX technology, featuring a seamless screen and Barco projection, we are confident that this collaboration will provide our audiences unparalleled satisfaction.”

“Laser projection from Cinionic is the choice today to deliver a wow-factor in cinema,” said Wim Buyens, the chief executive officer of Cinionic. “Together with Barco, we bring visualization expertise and heritage that spans decades in entertainment, enterprise, and healthcare – and we leverage this broad knowledge base to deliver stunning visual experiences to theaters around the world. It’s our privilege to work with CJ 4DPLEX to elevate the innovative ScreenX format with our laser solutions for both moviegoers and exhibitors.”

Courtesy of Cinionic

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