Digital Cinema United’s DCU Connect Reaches 80% of Screens in Balkan Region

Digital Cinema United has announced the rollout of the company’s DCU Connect electronic delivery network has reached nearly 3,000 locations across EMEA, North America, and the Caribbean. The company has focused aggressively on the rollout of DCU Connect since its official launch at CinemaCon 2022 across arthouses, cinema chains, drive-in locations, and independent cinemas. DCU Connect is a cloud-based electronic delivery platform designed to download feature, trailer, and cinema advertising DCPs directly to cinemas that only requires the installation of software. It is fully integrated with TMS systems, including Cinema ACE, Eikona, GDC, Rosetta Bridge, and Screenwriter.

In the Balkan countries, the company recently installed DCU Connect in over 200 locations, including the Cineplex, Cine Grand, and Cinemarine cinema chains, making DCU Connect the most widely deployed electronic delivery network in the Balkan region.

“With the fast and easy deployment of DCU Connect in over 80% of cinemas in the Balkans region, Con Film’s partnership with Digital Cinema United is one of our most important projects since the end of the pandemic,” said Mario Ljubic, the head of theatrical at Con Film. “By eliminating the use of hard drives to deliver feature DCPs of Hollywood content, we were able to save time and increase delivery efficiencies.”

“What Digital Cinema United and Con Film were able to accomplish in a very short period was an impressive endeavor,” said Ronnie Ycong, the executive vice president and general manager of the Americas at Digital Cinema United. “It not only proved DCU Connect is fast to deploy and helps drive efficiencies, but also enabled cinemas to receive DCPs more reliably without the need of additional hardware.”

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