Disney Breaks Record For Best Domestic Box Office in a Calendar Year

On Sunday, Disney set a new record for most money earned by a studio in North America during a single calendar year. With an estimated $3.001B through December 23, they eclipse the $3.0009B record that they themselves set in 2016.

With eight more days remaining in the calendar year, Disney could potentially cross $3.1B when it’s all said and done, depending on how well Mary Poppins Returns and Ralph Breaks the Internet continue to perform during the holiday week.

Disney had crossed the $3B mark in 2016 on December 31 exactly — and it also didn’t hurt that 2016 was a leap year with an extra added day.

The studio has soared this year with blockbusters such as Black Panther with $700.0M,  Avengers: Infinity War with $678.8M, and Incredibles 2 with $608.5M. They also earned $102.9M this calendar year from The Last Jedi, which premiered in mid-December 2017.

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