Empire Cinemas Opens Location in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with Flexound Augmented Audio

Image courtesy FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™


Middle Eastern theater chain Empire Cinemas, with locations in Lebanon, Iraq, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is opening a new location in Jeddah, KSA’s Al Andalus Mall tomorrow, December 17. The cinema—which will open with screenings of Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman 1984—contains 142 seats boosted by FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™. 

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ adds the sensation of touch to sound, offering equal sound quality in every seat independent of seat location. Cinemas in South Korea, Finland, and Malaysia have adopted the Finland-based immersive sound seating technology.

“Empire Cinemas is proud to be the first cinema operator in the region to have installed augmented audio technology seats through its association with Flexound Augmented Audio™, the leader in its field”, says Gino Haddad, the CEO of Empire Cinemas.

“The East Asian cinema market indicates that audiences want to return to the big screens. We give the cinema operators a high value competitive audio advantage over the in-home-entertainment, helping the industry to recover,” Flexound Head of Seated Entertainment Jessica Wang-Kärnä adds.

The technology requires no wearable accessories. It complements all current sound systems without interference. No remix or recoding of the content is needed, and thus cinema operators can enhance with Flexound any films, e-sports or live events.

“Escapism and extraordinary experiences are what we need during these challenging times, and FLEXOUND cinema experience is just the right answer”, says Flexound Chief of Cinema, Mika Oesch, while on the road in Jeddah.

The seats for Empire Cinemas’ Andalus project are supplied by Ferco International Seating, which has gained Flexound certification for four of their seat models. Flexound Augmented Audio™ is also available for auditoriums, museums, theaters, concert halls, and any other venues with seated audience.

Image courtesy FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™

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