Facebook Watch – ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ tops upcoming film list

Monday Afternoon Update: For the second week in a row an animated family movie led all upcoming films tracked in new likes as Ice Age: Collision Course threw down 57,346 new likes. The overall numbers were quite poor yet again as its been over a month since any tracked films has crossed the elusive 100,000 new likes in a single Monday to Sunday period. Ice Age  has a lot going for it of course with it being the fifth in an extremely popular franchise. One can’t help but wonder though that if the breakout success of Finding Nemo and impending win that is The Secret Life Of Pets will syphon away much of its potential patrons funds. So far the franchise has remained incredibly consistent in terms of its opening weekends with the last four opened to $46 million, $68 million, $41 million and $46 million respectively. 

Moana was another notable standout amongst the top 10 with close to a 40% bump in likes thanks to its newly released first trailer. By comparison, Zootopia had ~35,000 likes the same distance before release. Disney’s Pete’s Dragon also made its first appearance in the top 10 thanks to its latest trailer which saw it have the largest percentage bump in the top 10 of close to 79% as it finished with 41,135 likes. The aforementioned Zootopia had just over 106,000 likes the same distance before release. Disney’s 2016 just keeps on getting better and better. it would seem.

Facebook Top 10 Movies by Like Increase for the last week Ending Sunday June 19

Rank Release Movie Likes Change % Change
1 07/22/16 Ice Age: Collision Course 17,982,038 57,346 0.32%
2 07/29/16 Jason Bourne 2,446,072 48,620 2.03%
3 07/08/16 The Secret Life of Pets 1,824,544 46,961 2.64%
4 08/12/16 Sausage Party 276,708 43,542 18.67%
5 11/23/16 Moana 122,793 34,208 38.62%
6 07/01/16 The Legend of Tarzan 354,622 24,520 7.43%
7 02/10/17 Fifty Shades Darker 9,976,641 22,103 0.22%
8 08/05/16 Suicide Squad 2,621,926 21,806 0.84%
9 08/12/16 Pete’s Dragon (2016) 41,135 18,090 78.50%
10 09/23/16 Storks 82,951 15,980 23.86%

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