Flix Brewhouse Chooses GDC Central Management System

Courtesy of Flix Brewhouse

GDC Technology Limited (GDC) announced today that Flix Brewhouse has chosen GDC’s web-based central Management Enterprise Software CMS-3000. The CMS-3000 is designed to fully automate the content transfer and monitor real-time playback status, sound processors, and digital cinema projectors for all the nine properties from the company’s headquarters in Round Rock, Texas.

Flix Brewhouse was founded in 2011 and now operates nine dine-in cinema concepts across Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas and Wisconsin with a 10th under construction in Mansfield, TX. Each Flix Brewhouse location incorporates a fully functioning microbrewery, serving fresh food and craft beer brewed in-house.

“Flix Brewhouse is a cinema hospitality company committed to providing our guests with the best possible cinema dining experience”, said Chance Robertson, the chief executive officer of Flix Brewhouse. “We rely on our vendor partners, such as GDC to provide innovative technologies to achieve our vision to be the Gold Standard in the communities we serve. GDC’s central management software was selected for its advanced features to centralize tasks done by the management of each site. By supporting multiple users access simultaneously anytime and anywhere with its web-based application, we have complete control of all nine locations at our headquarters.”

“CMS-3000 was developed from our 20-year knowledge of digital cinema and constantly working with our industry partners, such as Flix Brewhouse”, said Annie Wang, the president for GDC Technology USA LLC. “The installation of our web-based enterprise software at their headquarters will provide them with technology to transfer content and monitor devices from a central point, eliminating time and labor spent on tasks normally done by management at the theatre level.”

Courtesy of Flix Brewhouse
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