German Exhibitors Team up to Revolutionize Ticketing with DeinKinoticket

How was the idea for DeinKinoticket generated, and what services does it provide?

The big five major circuits in Germany (CinemaxX, Cineplex, CineStar, Kinopolis, and UCI) had the idea to join forces in creating an online platform for moviegoers to have access not only to their theaters but to all theaters in Germany. The platform does provide all show times for all theaters in Germany with an easy-to-navigate list of all films released in a city or region, including the trailer, film information, cast and credits, running time, and rating. The user can choose which city or region he wants information for, or his location is automatically recognized by geo-mapping. Also, the closest cinemas are shown in Google Maps. Online ticketing via a quick direct link to the theater’s website is not only possible for every theater in the five major circuits (with more than 1,500 screens), but also for a large and vastly growing number of independent theaters joining the platform. The site also provides apps for iOS, Android, and even Windows phones. Distributors have the opportunity not only to join the platform but even to install widgets and deep links on their websites and social media tools to close the gap between their vastly growing marketing campaigns on the Internet and online ticketing. Campaigns can even be validated by tracking online ticket sales.

What are some of the benefits and advantages that exhibitors are seeing after launching this type of platform?

The major benefit is that the platform is created by the industry for the industry and no other third party. The whole ticketing and billing process is kept on the theater’s site, as well as the customer’s data. Thus, the industry can keep control and can shape the platform to whatever will be needed in the future without being driven by any third parties outside the industry.

How do you believe ticketing for cinemas will evolve in the next five years?

We strongly believe that online ticketing will dramatically increase and will not only give moviegoers the opportunity to buy their tickets online like they already do for many other products and services, but will even increase overall ticket sales. The important target group of young moviegoers must get an easy way to buy tickets immediately when they see films being promoted on the web.

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