IFC To Make 200 Films Available to Cinemas for Free

IFC announced the creation of the Indie Theater Revival Project on Tuesday, with the studio making about 200 of their films theatrically available for participating cinemas upon their return to business.

Launching May 29, the titles will be available for any theater to screen within the first month after they reopen, whenever that may be. No film rentals will be required during that period. With theaters facing a dearth of new releases upon their eventual returns, this will help fill a critical programming gap. 

Among the major titles IFC is offering for theatrical re-release are:

  • Richard Linklater’s Best Picture-nominated Boyhood
  • Cult classic gross-out horror The Human Centipede
  • Christopher Nolan’s 1998 Following
  • Steve McQueen’s 2008 Hunger
  • Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or winner Blue is the Warmest Color
  • Alfonso Cuarón’s 2002 Y Tu Mamá También
  • Frances Ha, from writer-director Noah Baumbach

Cinemas can sign up for the project and get more information at www.ifcfilms.com/films/indie-theater-revival-project.

“Independent theaters across the country have been essential partners for us at IFC Films, and we would not be where we are today without their support,” the company said in a statement. “We wanted to take the first step and let theaters know that we are committed to helping them reopen their doors by providing a selection of films to program while the new release landscape gets back to normal.”