India’s Carnival Cinemas to Install Christie Laser Projectors

India’s Carnival Cinemas has chosen Christie’s RGB pure laser cinema projectors featuring RealLaser™ illumination technology as its next-generation projection systems. The projectors will be installed and maintained by TSR Films Private Limited (TSR Films), Christie’s integration partner in India.

Dr. Shrikant Bhasi, chairman and founder of Carnival Group, said, “The time has come for us to upgrade the cinematic experience to a whole new level that delivers a complete, best-in-class and refreshing experience to our patrons, and in so doing enables us to remain ahead of the curve for a long time to come. We are pleased to join hands with a like-minded partner in TSR Films and its founder, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. MP Ramasamy. We aim to be at the forefront of technological advancement with this deal with global cinema technology major Christie’s RGB pure laser cinema projectors. This investment will enable us to benefit from a long-lasting and reliable platform that performs well into the future.”

Mohan Umrotkar, CEO of Carnival Cinemas, added, “We will convert all our existing and new screens into laser in the next five years. In addition to the best color palette, best 3D visual experience, and a world-class immersive audio experience, we would also move a step forward towards reducing our ecological footprint with less power consumption. We have become the first multiplex chain in India to be equipped with Christie RGB RealLaser cinema projectors. This will help our advertisers to experiment with more colors and better quality cinema-specific brand advertisements, as lasers only create the exact colors needed and also offer potentially brighter projected images, with more and better colors. Digital cinema projector lamps are being replaced between every 500 to 3,000 hours, depending on the screen size. Again, based on an analysis of the Indian cinema market, we found that over 30,000 of these lamps are being swapped and sent around on an annual basis. This means that if we replace every lamp-based cinema projector with such an RGB laser projector, we avoid over tens of thousands lamp swaps in India annually—this is a lots of transport costs, packaging waste, and pollution that can be reduced.”

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. MP Ramasamy, chairman and managing director of TSR Films, stated, “Carnival Cinemas is among the fastest-growing multiplex chains in India, focused on redefining the cinematic experience for its patrons. We are therefore proud to collaborate with Carnival to equip its multiplexes with Christie’s innovative RGB pure laser cinema projectors that are efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly, and delivering brighter and superior visuals than other technologies currently available on the market. I’m confident that this partnership will ensure that the projection solutions deployed at Carnival are always ahead of time and retain the technical edge in providing the most awe-inspiring visuals to all cinema audiences.”

R P Balamurugan, CEO of TSR Films, added, “Today we have grown multifold and are here to celebrate another milestone in our journey, whereby we are entering into a very special and one of the biggest national chain relationships with Carnival Cinemas in India by commissioning over 500 Christie Laser-powered 2k and 4k RGB projection systems along with Dolby IMS 3000 IMB within a span of three years and upgrading it to Atmos Systems on a pan-India basis. TSR Films is extremely delighted and overjoyed for the audience of our esteemed partner Carnival Cinemas, as they are going to enjoy a spectacular cinematic experience in its first phase of upgrade to the new cutting-edge technology. It’s also very important to add that the new solution isn’t just the latest in technological innovation but also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.”

Dr. Don Shaw, Christie’s senior director, Asia cinema sales, commented, “We’re delighted that Carnival Cinemas has recognized the many benefits offered by Christie’s RGB pure laser cinema projectors featuring RealLaser illumination technology, and will progressively deploy them in its cinemas across India. We are also thankful to Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. MP Ramasamy and TSR for all the efforts in making this collaboration with Carnival Cinemas possible. Christie is fully committed to providing superior products to Carnival in their rollout of next-generation RGB pure laser projectors, and we look forward to stronger collaboration moving forward.”

Christie’s RealLaser RGB pure laser projectors deliver more than 95 percent of Rec. 2020 spec without filtering or color correction.

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