Jonas Software Acquires Omniterm Data Technology Ltd.

Jonas Software, which operates over 100 independently managed software brands across 30+ vertical markets around the world, has announced the acquisition of Omniterm Data Technology Ltd.

Founded in 1978, Omniterm provides mid-to-large size cinema chains with a theater management solution that includes ticket sales, reserved seating, concessions, promotion, loyalty programs, restaurant sales, and business reporting. Since creating a POS solution for Cineplex’s first multiplex, the Toronto Eaton Centre, in the 1970s, Omniterm has expanded to serve thousands of theater screens worldwide.

“We are pleased to welcome Omniterm to our team, with their focus on producing innovative hardware and software solutions for the entertainment industry for over 40 years, seating millions of moviegoers,” said Jeff McKee, Group CEO of Jonas Software Australia.

Adds Omniterm Founder Ed Coman: “This acquisition provides an opportunity for Omniterm to gain financial strength, share best practices and contribute to the continued success for our loyal customers. We are very excited to become a part of the Jonas portfolio and for our executive team to lead Omniterm into its next chapter.”

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