Artists Den Entertainment & CineLife Entertainment ® Partner on Live from The Artists Den cinema series

New York, NY, January 22, 2020 – CineLife Entertainment, a division of Spotlight Cinema Networks, today announced that it has signed a partnership with Artists Den Entertainment to host its Emmy nominated television music series, Live from the Artists Den, as an in-cinema feature this year. The series will be a selection of shows from the brand’s extensive catalogue and a mix of new seasons for the series.

This partnership further expands Artists Den’s global reach and provides music content to CineLife Entertainment, Spotlight Cinema Networks’ newest event cinema division. Audience members are randomly selected through ticket sweepstakes for live Artists Den shows, available exclusively via the Artists Den mailing list. Unlike other televised music series, Live from the Artists Den breaks away from the confines of a conventional studio set by unveiling new, unexpected venues for each concert, with the venue serving as the co-star alongside each featured artist.

This partnership allows consumers access to experience these unique shows, featuring extraordinary artists performing in nontraditional, often historic settings, and is complimented by the art house cinemas they will be shown in. Artists Den is uniquely suited for cinema given the high quality of the visuals and audio that are originally shot and recorded during the live experience – allowing for the cinema experience to be further elevated from the live concert.

“At CineLife and Spotlight, we’re dedicated to providing our viewers with content that is not only entertaining, but an immersive experience. Live from the Artists Den is exactly that; allowing audiences to see and hear every visual and musical intricacy of a live performance up close,” said Bernadette McCabe, Executive Vice President, CineLife Entertainment.

“Artists Den has always appealed to cultural enthusiasts who seek premium entertainment, we can’t think of a better partner for our series than Spotlight and CineLife Entertainment, who specialize in bringing cultural audiences around the country together with important arthouse theatres. Given our major focus on the sense of place in our shows this is an ideal alignment for Artists Den in cinema,” said Mark Lieberman, CEO, Artists Den Entertainment.

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