Malco Theatres’ Cinema Week Initiatives Include Perks for Loyalty Club Members, F9 Advance Screenings & More

Image Courtesy of Malco Theatres

Malco Theatres is the latest exhibitor to announce it will celebrate the inaugural Cinema Week by offering a host of special screenings, member discounts, giveaways and more.

Designed to encourage moviegoers to return to their local theaters, Cinema Week is slated to take place from June 22-27. Over 300 exhibitors representing over 30,000 screens in the U.S. and Canada will participate in the event, which is supported by the Independent Cinema Alliance, the National Association of Theatre Owners and sponsors including Fandango, Atom Tickets, Coca-Cola, Screenvision Media and more. 

Malco’s Cinema Week initiatives include offering Double Loyalty Points on ticket and concession purchases to its Marquee Rewards loyalty program members from June 21-27, as well as a complimentary Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn to those who purchase a large popcorn (at participating locations, while supplies last). Various other in-theater giveaways and social media prizing will also be offered.

Additionally, select Malco locations will host special double-feature screenings of A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II on June 23, and advance shows of F9 (including on IMAX & MXT screens) on June 24. A sneak preview of Werewolves Within will also be offered on June 23 at Malco’s Collierville Cinema Grill, Ridgeway Cinema Grill, Grandview Cinema & IMAX and Razorback Cinema Grill & IMAX locations.

Nationally, Malco has also announced an interactive #DitchYourCouch contest that will award Fandango gift cards as well as exclusive movie memorabilia and prize packs supplied by several film studios.

“Movie theaters connect us. They are where stories are shared and discussed in a communal experience,” said Brandon Jones, Executive Chairman of the Founding Committee of Exhibitor and Studio Partners for Cinema Week. “Following such a challenging year, I’m humbled by the enthusiasm and support from our sponsors and partners who want to help us remind audiences that the magic happens when you go to the movies. There’s nostalgia there. It’s where we go for entertainment, and by launching Cinema Week, we want to preserve the culture of going to the movies.”

“With flat screen TVs in most every home, you can now stay home and ‘watch’ movies,” added Jimmy Tashie, Co-Chairman, Malco Theatres. “Seeing a major action movie at home is not the same as viewing one in a true ‘state of the art’ theatre. Modern cinemas offer viewers a ‘cinematic experience’, the kind that immerses the viewer in a high-tech sight and sound journey that can only be experienced in a modern cinema with large screens and multi-track surround sound channels. Filmmakers know the difference and most prefer their art to be enjoyed by audiences in communal settings where the ‘experience’ is shared by all in attendance. No one else delivers emotions quite like the movies. So, you can watch it or experience it. The choice is yours.”

Tickets for June 18-June 24 and F9 are available via and through the Malco app.  Tickets for June 25-July 1 can be purchased starting Tuesday, June 22.

Image Courtesy of Malco Theatres

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