MediaMation Introduces SafeTSeat, a Plexiglass Barrier to Enhance Social Distancing in Theaters

MediaMation, the creator of MX4D Motion EFX Theatres, has introduced a new product to enhance safety in hardtop theaters.

SafeTSeat is a plexiglass barrier that can be placed between seats to allow for separation and social distancing between audience members in both standard and MX4D Motion EFX Theatres. MediaMation has already contracted with TCL Chinese Theatres to install SafeTSeat once its theaters reopen.

A product description from MediaMation reads:

The SafeTSeat is designed for safety and customer confidence as patrons attend theatres, auditoriums, stadiums or event venues. SafeTSeat is one of the first protective device designed especially for public seating. It will give patrons a feeling of more security and safety while enjoying the experience. Using this ensures specified seats remain empty, guaranteeing social distancing, while the clear view provides the shared group and immersive experience without feeling confined.

TCL Chinese Theatre is currently outfitted with one of MediaMation’s MX4D Motion EFX and eSports conversion theatres.

“We are planning to initiate a safety protocol for customers that are as good if not better than that of our peers,” said a representative for TCL Chinese Theatres in a statement. “The SafeTSeat is among the key components that will help make the plan an industry standard as we await permission from the County to reopen.”