MetaMedia Launches Global Cloud-Based Content Network for Cinemas

Digital distribution continues to evolve with the launch of MetaMedia, a company dedicated to providing content delivery solutions to cinemas around the world.

MetaMedia’s distribution platform, the MetaMedia Entertainment Network, provides secure, rapid and cost-saving delivery of movies, trailers, live-streamed events and other big-screen programming to cinemas.

“MetaMedia was borne out of our team’s passion for the big screen cinematic experience and for new technologies that propel this entertainment medium forward.” said Jason Brenek, CEO of MetaMedia.  “By connecting cinemas to MetaMedia’s global cloud-based broadband network, we will introduce game-changing, leading-edge innovation and programming opportunities that will elevate the cinema-going experience to the next level.”

MetaMedia’s new MetaMedia Entertainment Network creates a managed, last-mile connection for cinemas that cuts delivery times and removes hundreds of millions in cost out of the exhibitor and studio digital cinema package (DCP) content delivery system for conveying video, audio, and data.  The MetaMedia Entertainment Network also provides new sources of revenue-generating opportunities for cinema operators and content producers by enabling much broader programming choices, new cinematic content formats, and enhanced release targeting.

Brenek is a former president of IMAX and has previously served as an executive at Walt Disney Studios. In addition to Brenek, MetaMedia includes a veteran team of entertainment industry leaders with decades of content and cinema expertise. Joining Brenek at MetaMedia are:

·         A. Dale “Bud” Mayo as Board Chairman, who raised $600 million to convert over 13,000 cinema screens to digital.  Mayo founded AccessITCinedigm and several cinema chains.

·         Chuck Goldwater as President, North America, who was CEO of Digital Cinema Initiatives, President of Cinedigm, Co-founder and CEO of New Vision Theatres and held senior executive positions at Carmike CinemasMann TheatresClearview Cinemas, and Digiplex Cinemas.  

·         Frank Bryant as Chief Commercial Officer and Head of International, who served as the head of Dolby Cinema, International Digital Distribution for 21st Century Fox and held senior positions at The Walt Disney Company and Sony Pictures.

·         Daniel Fair as Head of Studio Client Services, who spent more than a decade leading client services at Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema.

·         Arbi Derzakharian as Head of Operations, who led distribution and post-production at IMAX and at Deluxe Entertainment Services.

“The MetaMedia team played a key role in the conversion to digital cinema and subsequently introduced new content, such as stereoscopic 3D and alternative content, which benefitted both studios and cinema owners.” said Bud Mayo, Chairman, MetaMedia. “I’m thrilled to join this team that’s fulfilling the true potential of digital cinema with new revenue and content, streamlined operations and distribution cost savings to content producers and cinema owners around the world.”

MetaMedia will announce more about its entertainment network and its launch partners in the weeks leading up to CinemaCon 2020.

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