MOVIO Delivers Audience Evolution Report (AER) for ‘Wonder Woman’


MOVIO, the global leader in marketing data analytics and campaign management software for cinema exhibitors, film distributors and studios around the world, has just released its Audience Evolution Report (AER) for Wonder Woman.


  • Wonder Woman’s audience evolved in a similar manner as most blockbusters but with some trends notably magnified. While the female and 50+ segments of the audience generally grow over the course of the run, Wonder Woman’sfemale audience nearly reached parity with the male audience by the third week. This was presumably driven by the title character and the very strong reviews and word-of-mouth after opening weekend, and was aided by a larger than usual female share of the opening weekend audience. This trend is probably also responsible for the film’s strong showing among infrequent moviegoers in the second and third weeks.
  • Whilst most superhero movies score their biggest box office impact opening weekend, WW has shown extremely strong performance over its extended run.
  • Increase in female moviegoers compared to other superhero franchise films.
    •     Avg: 62% Male, 38% Female
    •     Wonder Woman: 56% Male, 44% Female (+16% women)
  • The female audience nearly reached parity with the male audience by the third week
  • 50+ Moviegoers are interested and valuable for Blockbusters. The 50+ audience share increased from 12% to 22% over 3 weeks. Compared to the average superhero movie the Wonder Woman audience was +20% 50+ moviegoers.
  • 22% of people that saw Wonder Woman are infrequent moviegoers (see one to four films a year). Compared to 16% avg.
  • Avg. admissions increased slightly/more of a ‘group’ event.

 The full report is available for download HERE.

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