National CineMedia Strikes Esports Advertising and Content Monetization Deal with Harena Data

Cinema advertising network National CineMedia (NCM) has struck an esports advertising and content monetization agreement with Harena Data, a leading esports community aggregator, it was announced today.

Under the deal, NCM will have the exclusive right to sell advertising across Harena Data’s ad-supported esports content and events in the U.S., including in movie theaters, on streaming media, and in place-based locations such as bars, restaurants, and family entertainment venues. NCM will additionally work with Harena Data to develop content licensing deals and create new spheres of distribution for its esports content and gaming events.

Harena Data produces esports events and content that run across multiple platforms under its GoPixls brand. GoPixls is a combination of content aggregated from partners and content derived from Harena’s video game and esports analytics platform, and is provided in fully edited durations depending on use and need, ranging from full-length to mini segments.

“Joining forces with Harena Data gives us a unique opportunity to develop the esports concept and create compelling consumer experiences both across our NCM theater network and beyond the big screen in other complementary venues and mediums,” said Scott Felenstein, President, Sales, Marketing & Partnerships with NCM. “For brands, esports attracts a young demographic that is just like our core moviegoing audience, with extremely high levels of engagement. As it has grown from a niche advertising strategy to the mainstream, we believe esports will be appealing to brands that continue to try to find new ways to connect with cord-cutting, experience-driven Gen Z consumers. I’m excited to be able to add esports to our compelling mix of cinema, Digital, and DOOH offerings to help advertisers engage movie fans anytime and anywhere.”

“The agreement we’ve signed with National CineMedia is one of our most exciting esports advertising deals ever. The potential for new entry of esports into national theater chains and other locations provides for incredible esports opportunities in various verticals, combines virtual and physical revenue models for monetization, and defines a new market of crossover entertainment between gaming and film” said Bill Dever, Chief Strategy Officer of Harena Data. “It also creates unique opportunities for brands to reach young, digital natives while empowering movie theaters and other locations with new content. National CineMedia is always looking toward the future, expanding their business into the realm of esports proves that they’re the perfect partner for us to work with to level up in the media game.”