Omnichannel POS: Creating a Seamless Customer Experience


How great would it be to allow your customers to complete their shopping across both digital and physical channels? To receive, whether they are in store or online, complete consistency in service and price, and seamless connectivity from browsing on mobile, to purchasing in store, to arranging delivery online?

Omnichannel POS makes this a possibility and centralises all of your sales channels. It provides a way to track and manage your customers, products and orders in real time on a single platform, no matter how they choose to shop.

You benefit from complete visibility about what’s in stock and get an accessible overview of sales across all channels on a daily basis. With omnichannel POS, there’s no longer a need to perform time-consuming reconciliations between multiple platforms. This allows you to create new sales strategies from your customer’s purchase history. Best of all, omnichannel POS makes your business accessible to both you and your customers 24 hours a day.

The benefits of omnichannel POS

New revenue streams – Omnichannel POS opens up new sales opportunities where they previously didn’t exist, including allowing customers to place orders online or on a mobile device.

Improved customer satisfaction – Customers have more freedom to buy how and when they want. They can use tablets and other devices in store to find more information about products they are interested in, or perform a quick comparison between different items.

Boosts customer loyalty – Allowing customers to shop with you regardless of whether they are in-store or online makes them more likely to come to your business first when they have a product they need. Omnichannel POS systems also allow for integration of customer loyalty programmes.

Improves profits and increases sales – When it’s easier for customers to buy, they spend more, and they are more likely to come to you for repeat business. A study by Harvard Business Review showed that 73% of shoppers have used multiple channels during their shopping experience. Those shoppers also had higher spend amounts both online and in-store, and were more loyal to the business.

Streamlines business operations – Efficiency is improved by having all sales channels integrated. This also allows for greater inventory accuracy, and the ability to monitor ordering and staffing in real time.

More traffic – Don’t miss out on online or in-store sales. Online views can drive customers into physical stores and vice versa.

Stronger brand – Engage shoppers and cultivate a lifelong relationship with them by. Being available through multiple channels means more visibility and presence for your brand, both online and offline.

Allow your customer to shop the way they like – Modern consumers don’t just use a single channel, and neither should your business. Combine social media, e-commerce, mobile and your bricks-and-mortar store to provide a solution for your customer no matter how they prefer to shop. Today’s customers often prefer to research online before they make a purchase, as opposed to just taking a salesperson’s word for it. In fact, 80% of shoppers use digital means in some capacity during their shopping experiences.

Want to Get Started?

An omnichannel POS system is easy to set up and use. Speak to AURES today and we will help you choose from our line of products and services to create a custom omnichannel POS solution for your business.

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