Qube Cinema Introduces the Virtual WireTAP

Qube Cinema and Qube Wire have introduced the Virtual WireTAP, a software solution that can be installed on a cinema’s existing hardware to connect the theatre to Qube Wire’s global cloud delivery platform directly.

The Virtual WireTAP can be installed on the cinema’s existing hardware and includes all the features and convenience of the current WireTAP. This includes fully automated storage management, intelligent KDM routing and delivery, real-time delivery status monitoring via the Qube Wire portal, and fail-safe automatic firmware updates.

It delivers on Qube’s commitment to supporting cinemas’ requirements – clients can leverage their existing infrastructure to connect to Qube Wire.

The Virtual WireTAP is already deployed across four cinema chains in three countries: the U.S., Brazil, and India.

“Some theatres wanted the quick and easy delivery of content via Qube Wire, but they didn’t want to install another box in their booth,” Qube Wire’s Senior Vice President Mark Waterston said in a press release. “The Virtual WireTAP allows theatres to use the extra storage that they already have to connect to Qube Wire.”

“We’ve listened to the feedback from exhibitors, and this certainly opens up more opportunity,” Qube Cinema’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales Nigel Dennis added. “Our market coverage is growing day by day; Qube’s electronic delivery now counts for thousands of sites worldwide including our recent expansion across South East Asia.”

If you are interested in the Virtual WireTAP for your cinemas, contact sales@qubecinema.com.

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