Reelin’ in the years with T3 at CinemaCon


Since taking its first step in 2011, CinemaCon has evolved and grown to become the largest and most important gathering for the worldwide motion picture theatre industry.

CinemaCon is truly a global event attracting attendees from more than 80 countries.  

With such a large gathering and just about every film studio in attendance, image really is everything during this event. And clear, dynamic and eye-catching signage and branding graphic applications are key to the smooth running and success of the event.

Olson Visual became the official signage provider to CinemaCon in 2011 and each year has produced larger and more creative branding graphic applications for the organisation, as well as all of the major studios and even commercial vendors.

When Olson Visual came upon Tecna’s T3 System they knew it was something special. Its very flexibility and ease of build and re-configuration made it the ideal solution for such a vast array of visual graphic displays.

And… action!

Olson first integrated T3 at CinemaCon in 2014 with backlit displays for a small studio but today, almost every major studio has now contracted with Olson to use a T3 System structure.  

When Mitch Neuheiser, Director of CinemaCon, reached out to Rick Olson, president of Olson Visual, he wondered what the buzz was all about. He said: “I saw empty foyers, conference rooms and corridors transforming in what I can only say was with lightning speed and I was intrigued. So I approached Olson Visual and Rick told me that it was T3, renowned for going up easy and changing graphics without any tools – so I was hooked!”

Mitch later agreed to purchase two structures – a 40 foot wide x 8 foot high and a 20 foot wide x 8 foot high T3 structure. These were required during the intense four-day show for several of the required step & repeat photo opportunity backgrounds at the convention. These are the photo back walls that celebrities stand in front of on the entrance and exits to major Hollywood events.  Rick assured him that these will last for years and Olson will take care of transport and storage.

Warner Bros. also rented three step and repeat structures – 34 foot wide, 20 foot wide, and 16 foot wide – and also used the 40’ and 20’ CinemaCon structures during their stint.

Shine bright like a diamond…

STX rented several T3 structures and used the CinemaCon structures for step & repeats as well, and included the addition of backlights to really highlight the graphics and made their logos stand out against the black of the background print.

STX specialises in the development, production, marketing and distribution of talent-driven films, TV and digital media content and has worked with leading names such as Sylvester Stallone, Barbara Streisand, Matthew McConaughey and Nicole Kidman.

Olson crews set up the lighting in the initial installation so all they had to do was install the graphic and plug in the electrical.  Super efficient and changing out graphics on the same structures was a breeze according to Rick.

Deena Stuffin, owner of live event company, Route 66 Productions, began seeing T3 during the 2015 CinemaCon show and began to work with Olson on studio projects throughout the year.  Deena approached Rick and discussed a unique opportunity to use the T3 System as a backlit step & repeat for one studio’s presentations in the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace.  These presentations are quite involved and her idea was to use a step & repeat on stage for branding when many Hollywood celebrities are paraded out to promote their new projects to up to 4,000 or more attendees.

Olson Visual tested the logos for her client; they loved the look and plans to create a 70’ wide x 7’ high backdrop were born.

Olson created three sections, two 20’ wide and one 30’ wide structures were built.  Working with the in-house stagehands union, Olson crews built and installed the sections onto the stage early one morning. Once in place they were covered with black cloth to hide their presence until the program shifted to the studio, STX. When the light dimmed to show a film trailer, union staff in the dark removed the fabric panels and then the interior lighting came up and the logos glowed with such beauty that there was applause from the crowd.  

That’s a wrap!

Several people from competing studios commented on the stunning graphics and display, saying it had literally “blown them away”.

“Our client STX was absolutely blown away with the results of the beautiful backlit graphic walls by Olson,” commented Deena, “you could actually hear the intake of breath when the highlighted logos were revealed – it really was one of the most dramatic presentations we’ve delivered at CinemaCon and we’re very happy with the results, even the stage hands were impressed with the results – roll on next year!”

For more information on Olson Visual go to or for more on T3 go to www.t3

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