Screenvision Media and CIELO Sign E-Delivery Agreement

CIELO and Screenvision Media announced Monday that they have closed an agreement to move Screenvision Media to 100% e-delivery, increase playback reporting, and lead exhibitors to higher compliance.

Screenvision Media and CIELO have a long-standing partnership since 2017. This new agreement enables Screenvision to achieve 100% electronic delivery of advertising content to exhibitors, significantly saving costs of operations and optimizing resources.

Exhibitors will be able to shorten the time to get content and have multiple options to access it via a cloud platform, an internal server at each exhibitor site, or directly ingesting the content in the TMS for automated scheduling.

“Screenvision is a leading advertiser for the cinema industry that is focused on providing the best quality content in a timely manner to maximize campaign results for its customers,” CIELO’s VP of Customer Growth Rafael Garzon said in a press release. “Our relationship with Screenvision is strong, based on listening to their needs and planning and delivering tangible results. We are confident that CIELO Ad Delivery will position Screenvision to win more business in the future.”

“CIELO has a proven track record of listening to our needs and delivering what they promise,” Screenvision’s VP of Digital Training and Compliance Exhibitor Relations John Marmo said in the same press release. “CIELO Ad Delivery enables Screenvision to achieve 100% electronic delivery of our content and accurate, timely playback reporting. With CIELO’s software, we are confident that our exhibitors will also see improved advertising revenue.”

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