Sony Digital Cinema Shows 4K Crystal LED Display at Deauville


18th September 2017 – Sony Digital Cinema 4K offers delegates a glimpse of the future at the 72ème Congrès de la Fédération Nationale des Cinémas Français in Deauville from 25-28 September.

For the first time in France, we’re demonstrating Sony’s ground-breaking Crystal LED direct view display technology, presenting movie content in true 4K resolution on a display measuring 4.8 x 2.7 metres.

An appealing ‘no projector’ option for tomorrow’s high-tier cinema operators, Crystal LED employs an array of high-brightness display modules. These can be tiled seamlessly to create an ultra-large flat screen of any proportions, with no visible gaps between modules. Very high contrast and huge colour range are complemented by a very wide viewing angle.

“While Crystal LED isn’t yet a commercialised product, it gives an exciting flavour of the options for tomorrow’s exhibitors”, says Enrico Ferrari, Regional Sales Head, Central Eastern & Southern Europe Theatre Solutions for Sony Digital Cinema.

“Today, exhibitors have an unprecedented choice of lamp- and laser- based solutions for presentation in any size of theatre. Looking further ahead, that choice will get wider still with Crystal LED. This will allow exhibitors to pick the optimum blend of technologies to suit their operational and commercial needs.”

4K Crystal LED demonstrations take place in the Goélette Room throughout the Congress, with audio solutions kindly provided by Alcons Audio.

First laser projector launches – high contrast SRX-R800 Series

Officially announced last month, the eagerly-awaited SRX-R800 Series is Sony’s first digital cinema projection system that combines latest-generation native 4K SXRD technology with a long-lasting laser light source. Achieving an extremely high average contrast ratio of 10,000:1, the DCI-compliant SRX-R800 Series is an appealing choice for delivering HDR content.

Ideal for small and medium sized auditoriums, the SRX-R810P and SRX-R815P are rated at 7,500 lumens and 15,000 lumens respectively. For larger theatres, the 15,000 lumen SRX-R810DS dual projection system is partnered by the SRX-R815DS with an impressive 30,000 lumen output – plenty for 4K presentation in 2D or 3D on Premium Large Format screens.

Further French cinema sales success

The number of French exhibitors committing to Sony Digital Cinema 4K continues to grow. Under construction at Royan on the Atlantic coast, the brand-new Le Lido multiplex has purchased six HDR-ready R500 Series projection systems. High-contrast Sony SRX-R515DS and SRX-R510DS dual projection systems feature in Le Lido’s two Premium Large Format (PLF) screens.  They’re complemented in four other auditoria by a further SRX-R515P plus a trio of SRX-R510P projectors. All projectors are being supplied to Le Lido with installation and support by cinema technology specialist ADDE.


In another significant customer win, French dealer CinemaNext is equipping around 15 Mégarama screens with Sony R500 series 4K projection systems. The sale includes France’s first ‘quadruple stack’ system, consisting of four SRX-R515P projectors configured to deliver a spectacular 60,000 lumen light output.

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