Sharp NEC Display Solutions Unveils NC2443ML RB Laser Projector

The NC2443ML RB Laser Projector (Image Courtesy of Sharp NEC Display Solutions)

Sharp NEC Display Solutions has announced the availability of the NC2443ML RB Laser Projector as part of its digital cinema projection series.

According to a press release, the NC2443ML “uses an RB laser light source to produce a rich color spectrum with unsurpassed brightness.” Along with 4K DC-compliant quality, the projected image is bright enough to display on screens up to 72 feet (22 meters) in DCI color, making it ideal for medium to large-sized screens.

“What really sets this projector apart from others on the market is its outstanding performance at a competitive price,” said Richard McPherson, Senior Product Manager at Sharp NEC Display Solutions, in a statement. “The NC2443ML projector is also extremely versatile and can display diverse content for medium-large sized auditoriums due to its modular light source at 24,000 lumens. With the theatre industry bouncing back after a year of uncertainty, the modularity of this projection technology plays a large role in accessibility and is another avenue for theater owners and operators to protect their investment.”

Due to its interchangeable laser light sources and 50,000 hours of longevity, the NC2443ML does not require lamp replacement. It can also be installed “on the floor or the ceiling” without the use of an exhaust system.

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The NC2443ML RB Laser Projector (Image Courtesy of Sharp NEC Display Solutions)

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