Showbiz Cinemas to Open Cinema Entertainment Center with Bowling, Bar, Arcade in Waxahachie, Texas

Continuing an increasing trend in the exhibition industry, Showbiz Cinemas will soon open a 66,000 square foot entertainment complex featuring a 13-theater cinema along with bowling, bar, and arcade options.

The revamped location at 108 Broadhead Road in Waxahachie, Texas will debut this Friday, December 18, with a 14-lane bowling alley, a full bar, and an arcade with corresponding “redemption room” for prizes.

The concept of “cinema entertainment centers” has taken off in recent years nationwide, but the concept originated in Texas, as Boxoffice PRO covered in our August magazine issue. While bowling, arcades, and bars are some of the more popular options to include alongside cinemas, other add-ons have included miniature golf, laser tag, virtual reality, and escape rooms.

“We remain passionate about providing our customers with outstanding choices for their entertainment and leisure experiences,” Showbiz Cinemas President and CEO Kevin Mitchell said in a press release. “We are also proud to be a partner in the CinemaSafe program, initiated by the National Association of Theater Owners in consultation with noted epidemiologists. Safety is our number one concern.”

Founded in 2007, Showbiz Cinemas ranked #49 on the Boxoffice PRO annual Giants of Exhibition 2020, with 99 screens on 10 locations as of February.

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