Smile Passes $200M Global

Image courtesy: Paramount

Paramount’s unexpected hit horror film Smile passed $200M at the global box office this past weekend, now standing at $202.9M to date.

The film’s domestic total is currently $99.1M, which will likely reach $100M on a weekday later this week.

Smile opened to $22.6M, above most pre-release projections. Then it fell only -18% in its sophomore frame, the mildest such drop of any wide release film so far in 2022.

This past weekend, despite Halloween having already passed, Smile ranked #4 at the box office, outranking other horror films which opened later, including Lionsgate’s Prey for the Devil and Universal’s Halloween Ends

Overseas, the film has earned $103.8M so far. Top overseas markets to date include:

  1. U.K. ($12.5M)
  2. Germany ($11.1M)
  3. France ($8.7M)
  4. Mexico ($8.2M)
  5. Spain ($5.3M)
  6. Australia ($5.0M)

“The spectacular worldwide performance of Smile demonstrates what is truly possible when you deliver a brilliantly sticky marketing campaign on top of a masterfully made high-concept horror film,” Paramount Pictures President and CEO Brian Robbins said in a press release. “Thank you to all our creative partners, director Parker Finn, the amazing cast, and our best-in-class production, marketing and distribution teams for creating a communal entertainment experience that movie-loving audiences can only find in the theaters!”

Robbins recently revealed in an interview that Smile was originally supposed to go straight to streaming on Paramount+, until it scored “crazy well” in test screenings and Paramount gave it an exclusive theatrical release instead.

Image courtesy: Paramount