Social Pulse: Frozen 2 Shines Through

Social Media Snapshot – Monday June 10 to Sunday June 16

This week’s big winner on social media was clearly Frozen 2 which, in case you have forgotten, is going to be gargantuan later this year on release. Unlike the first film this sequel will not sneak up on audiences and should make a big impact this November on release. It had the number 1 post on Twitter and Facebook on the week and just missed a top 3 spot on Instagram. Hobbs & Shaw also had a great week on Facebook but that didn’t translate to the other services thanks to its much more sparse following there which couldn’t provide enough spark to ignite its new clip. With Spider-Man: Far From Home nearing its release date it has been setting the interwebs on fire and next week in its final week of eligibility on our charts I fully expect it to continue to ratchet up the buzz and if any film is going to dethrone Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker from atop the Instagram leaderboard for a week that would be the one.


Spider-Man: Far From Home scored its sixth Twitter crown in a row as it led all films in new page likes with 8,994. With its release now just a couple of weeks away its fanbase is completely ramped up for the release. Whether it will be enough excitement to see it become the highest opening Spider-Man film of all time remains to be seen (Spider-Man 3 had a whopping start of $151 million back in 2007) but the show it has put on over the last few months after Avengers: Endgame debuted has been wildly impressive. The biggest post of the week didn’t belong to the webslinger though as the Frozen Sequel’s new trailer scored a 8.6 power ranking on its release and was the most retweeted film of the week with over 50,000.

New Page LikesPostsPost LikesPost Retweets
Spider-Man: Far From Home          8,994 5 187,195         36,116
Frozen 2          7,736 2 115,036         53,901
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker          3,857 18 97,381         20,308
Toy Story 4          3,813 16 38,219           9,090
The Lion King          1,125 1 25,694           6,842

Top 3 Posts: Click on a Film’s Title to See Full Post

Frozen 211-Jun8.6
Spider-Man: Far From Home14-Jun8.1
Spider-Man: Far From Home15-Jun8.0
* Calculated by Likes + Shares + Comments


Hobbs & Shaw had a massive response to a short new clip posted earlier in the week which it rode to 162,320 new likes. Not far behind was Frozen 2 which also had a great response on Facebook with 152,836 post likes, while its 100,626 shares was more than three times its nearest competitor. Frozen 2’s two posts on the week both made it to the top 3 for upcoming films, one was a teaser for the upcoming trailer and then the trailer itself, not too shabby considering its over 6 months from release.

New Page Likes Posts Post Likes Post Shares
Hobbs And Shaw         25,713 5 162,320           28,725
Frozen 2           4,330 2 152,836         100,626
Toy Story 4         21,617 14 141,919           27,524
Child’s Play           3,430 12 99,235           35,147
The Lion King           6,922 1 39,438             9,206

Top 3 Posts:Click on a Film’s Title to See Full Post

Frozen 211-Jun8.8
Hobbs & Shaw11-Jun8.7
Frozen 210-Jun8.2
* Calculated by Likes + Shares + Comments


Just as Spider-Man: Far From Home dominates Twitter, Instagram is Star Wars’ playground as it also has secured 6 straight weekly wins for most post likes/interactions. Child’s Play presence on the list at #3 was somewhat surprising as it was ahead of Toy Story 4 and just underlines its clever and impactful marketing strategy which I’ve spoken about before as being one of the best in recent memory. The Lion King also made it three for three in terms of top 5 finishes across the major social media platforms despite only have one post on each which is a hugely positive sign for it especially considering its core demographic is family audiences.

New Followers Posts Post Likes Post Interactions
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker         58,616 7 1,332,143         1,337,610
Spider-Man: Far From Home         38,665 6 844,619             850,506
Child’s Play           5,211 13 341,377             345,482
Toy Story 4         26,956 14 300,102             302,487
The Lion King           4,310 1 224,309             227,056

Top 3 Posts:Click on a Film’s Title to See Full Post

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker16-Jun9.5
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker10-Jun9.1
The Lion King16-Jun8.9
* Calculated by Likes + Shares + Comments

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