Spain’s Hemisfèric Upgrades to Christie Laser Projection

Courtesy of Christie

The Hemisfèric, part of the cultural and scientific complex at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain, recently installed a Christie CP4450-RGB pure laser cinema projector in its main theater. The theater features a concave dome screen covering 9,687 sq. ft with a diameter of 79 feet. Designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, the unique eye-shaped building has an ovoid roof covering the theater sphere. The eye symbolizes the human gaze and observation of the world, which visitors discover in a series of scientific and technological films screened inside.

Christie’s partner Ingevideo installed the direct-coupled projector for the premium large format, which comes with built-in Christie Real|Laser illumination and a light output of up to 55,000 lumens. Built on the CineLife+ electronics platform, the CP4450-RGB is capable of displaying HFR titles in 4K at 120 frames per second and delivering 2D and 3D screen experiences.

“To deliver the level of quality we were looking for, an RGB projector was the only solution. In today’s society, where people are accustomed to 4K resolution on their smartphones, this projector lets them enjoy never-seen-before images with the rich range of colors the RGB is capable of–an impossibility with older color gamuts. We are beginning to discover the vast potential the new projector offers us, giving us maximum quality thanks to the 4K resolution and an expanded color gamut. This allows us to screen any kind of content available in the cinema market,” said Juan Vicente Laparra, the head of the City of Art’s projection department.

Courtesy of Christie

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