The Eight Hundred Drives IMAX’s Top Box Office Day of 2020 in China on Tuesday; Love You Forever Bows to $38M Opening in Middle Kingdom

Photo Credits: Beijing Diqi Yinxiang Entertainment / CMC Pictures ("The Eight Hundred"); Clover Films ("Love You Forever")

IMAX reports that the continued success of Huayi Brothers’ The Eight Hundred in China resulted in the company’s top performing box office day of the year in the country, posting $2.7 million from 647 screens on Tuesday. That figure accounted for 10 percent of the day’s nationwide gross on the film, $27 million.

To date, The Eight Hundred has earned $11 million from IMAX venues in China, representing 6.6 percent of the film’s $163 million total through Tuesday’s close of business.

Meanwhile, China’s Valentine’s Day holiday helped fuel more strong results on Tuesday with the release of Love You Forever. The local title claimed first place with $38 million on opening day, providing another strong example of the demand for returning to theaters in China. As IMAX notes, this demonstrates demand is “not tied to a single blockbuster.”

As The Eight Hundred continues to march on with its strong run, all eyes will now shift toward Tenet‘s international release beginning today (August 26). The Christopher Nolan film is expected to provide the first worldwide, tentpole-level boost to exhibition since reopening over the course of summer. IMAX, in particular, is projected to benefit strongly from the film’s release having been shot entirely with their cameras.

China will see Tenet release on September 4.