This Week on the Boxoffice Podcast: What Impact Could The Croods‘ Thanksgiving Debut Have On Wonder Woman 1984‘s Box Office?

Images Courtesy Universal (l), 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo by: Clay Enos/ ™ & © DC Comics (r)

This week on the Boxoffice Podcast, Boxoffice Studios’ Russ Fischer and Boxoffice Pro‘s Daniel Loria and Rebecca Pahle are joined by Boxoffice Pro Chief Analyst Shawn Robbins to discuss a busy two weeks in the world of theatrical exhibition. Among the topics broken down are The Croods: A New Age‘s box office performance over the Thanksgiving weekend, recent and potential upcoming schedule changes, and, of course, the impact of Wonder Woman 1984 debuting day-and-date in domestic theaters and on HBOMax.

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The Croods: A New Age‘s Box Office Performance

Croods opened to a $9.7 million three-day weekend, which is a little bit over what we’re hearing Tenet did in its first wide weekend….And [Croods‘ debut is] more than double almost any other opening in the last few months. We’ve kind of seen this average of $4 million, maybe close to $5 million once or twice. And then a lot of openers around $2 to $3 million. When you compare it to that, this was way above our expectations. Way above what I think really could have been predicted in a market that’s gone from a little over 80 percent operational a month and a half ago to around 40 percent now.

How The Croods‘ Performance Could Affect Wonder Woman 1984‘s Box Office

There’s a silver lining here. I think The Croods‘ performance maybe helps the perception of what [Wonder Woman 1984] could do in theaters. Because now we’ve seen people go out and go to a big movie with their families. Hopefully that finally starts this wave we’ve been talking about for months of word of mouth spreading that, ‘Hey, you know what? These theaters are doing a great job keeping the place clean, etc, etc.’ Hopefully that carries over to Wonder Woman. If it does, maybe this can open even higher than Croods, even with HBOMax in the discussion. Optimistically, our our high-end opening forecast was I believe about $15 million entering Thanksgiving. I don’t want top go to out on a limb. And even in some ways I still feel like $15 could be a limb, considering the streaming release. But maybe something like $20 million could be achievable. And if it can do that, and if it can play in theaters for a few months, and if the HBOMax impact maybe, hopefully wouldn’t be as as severe as it as it could [be], this is a movie that, even with a streaming release, should be able to to clear $75 to $100 million dollars at the box office domestically under current circumstances. 

Images Courtesy Universal (l), 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo by: Clay Enos/ ™ & © DC Comics (r)

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