Twitter Futures: The old man ‘Logan’ still has a few tricks left

Friday Evening Update: Hugh Jackman’s final hurrah as X-Man Wolverine doesn’t arrive in theaters until March 2017 but this past week proved that fans of the franchise and indeed comic book adaptations in general will be lining up to pay their respects to arguably the most iconic superhero actor of this generation. It secured over 75,000 tweets which gave it top spot on the week, a very similar total to what Doctor Strange managged last week after its second trailer (72,870). A series of tweets and other snippets of information from its filmmakers gave the first details about the plot and what to expect which in turn spawned a lot of excitement and speculation. It was revealed that the film would be based on the ‘Old Man Logan’ storyline which ran at Marvel Comics from 2008 to 2009. The story is based in the future where villains have killed many of the heroes and now rule with an iron fist. It will be very interesting to see how the first trailer is received and how much of a bump in box office the film can expect given the Jackman farewell. Another interesting note is that the film will reportedly sport an r-rating, making it one of a handful of super hero adaptations to go that route. It will be released just over a year after Deadpool secured the largest r-rated opening of all time so Fox no doubt will have that in mind. The issue here will be that the extreme violence and serious/dire tone of the storyline might scare away many outside of comic faithfuls and limit its overall potential, a problem that also plagued the last Wolverine film in 2013.

Twitter Top 10 Movies for the week of September 30 to October 6

Date Movie Tweets Rank Change
3/03/17 Logan (2017) 77,523 1 (+8) 275.27%
6/02/17 Wonder Woman 64,137 2 (+1) 53.14%
11/04/16 Doctor Strange 48,132 3 (-2) -33.95%
12/16/16 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 33,454 4 (-3) -20.64%
3/17/17 Beauty and the Beast (2017) 31,397 5 (-) 33.00%
2/10/17 Fifty Shades Darker 28,025 6 (-5) -8.62%
3/24/17 Power Rangers 24,727 7 (-6) -11.97%
11/17/17 Justice League Part One 24,182 8 (-3) 58.91%
7/21/17 Dunkirk 21,051 9 (-7) -16.53%
10/21/16 Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween 14,920 10 (-9) -43.65%

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