UK Cinema Association Animated Videos Teach Customer Safety Practices as Cinemas Return

The UK Cinema Association (UKCA) released two animated videos Wednesday, aiming to explain safety protocols on both patrons’ and theaters’ parts in a fun and entertaining way.

Each video runs about a minute and a half while detailing procedures outlined in the UKCA’s June report Cinemas – keeping workers and customers safe during COVID-19.

One video, created by the agency Monkey Puzzle, uses various frequent movie tropes in illustrating the safety measures.

Monster paws wash their hands, floating astronauts practice social distancing, a medieval knight dons armor as a face covering, a wizard uses a wand for contactless payment, and cowboys wear a belt with hand sanitizers instead of guns in the holsters.

A caveman sits in the same auditorium alongside a pirate, superhero, and dinosaur for the actual film screening.

The other video, from the agency Feref, uses the same script but more realistic animations.

Cinemas in England have been open since July 4, in Northern Ireland since July 10, and in Scotland starting Thursday.

“There is an overwhelming desire amongst cinema-goers to return to the cinema as soon as they can, but equally that they and others want to understand and be reassured as to the safeguarding measures that will be in place when they do,” UK Cinema Association Chief Executive Phil Clapp said in a press release. “We hope that the adverts we’ve launched today will offer that reassurance.”