UNIC Research Details COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Initiatives for Cinemas in 38 Countries

The International Union of Cinemas (UNIC) released today a thorough examination of where cinemas in the 38 territories it represents currently stand amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, as well as preliminary initiatives being adopted to aid in the recovery process.

Most notably, they are tracking the ongoing status of closures and potential reopening date in key countries. While many have target dates ranging from mid-April into May, it’s important to note that these dates are mere estimations of when local government restrictions could lift and allow the opportunity for cinemas to reopen. It’s possibly, if not likely, many dates will shift further down the calendar.

In the case of territories like the United Kingdom and others, no apparent deadline has been set at this time.

UNIC’s report also highlights various support mechanisms being adopted on both national levels and within the cinema sector itself. In France, for example, the government has announced an additional aid package following its previous stimulus earlier in the crisis.

On the cinema side in France, discussions are noted as “ongoing” between the government and the French National Cinema Centre with regard to topics such as payments to cinema operators, cash flow measures for theatres, and various assistance methods.

Further data in UNIC’s report includes a deep-dive into taxation, rent and related expenses, employment fluctuations and expectations, and up-to-date box office standings compared to similar points last year.

You can find the entire report here at UNIC-Cinemas.org.