UPDATED GLOBAL REPORT: Dinosaurs Rule The Earth — ‘Jurassic World’ Devours Record-Breaking Half A Billion Dollars In Global Debut

UPDATED 6.15.15

Behind a global tsunami of nostalgia, strong marketing, and Chris Pratt’s rising star power, the dinosaurs of Universal’s Jurassic World devoured an incredible $315.61 million this weekend overseas – the highest international opening in history passing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ($314 million). Combined with NA’s record breaking opening weekend, Jurassic World ruled the Earth with $524.4 million worldwide – the highest global bow in history.

Jurassic has opened in 66 territories since Wednesday and is the top film everywhere, snaring an average 70% market share around the world. Top grossing territories are China ($97.1M), U.K. and Ireland ($30M), Mexico ($15.9M), South Korea ($14.4M), France ($13.8M), Australia ($12.4M), Germany ($11.4M), Russia ($10M), Taiwan ($8.2M), India ($7.6M), Spain ($7.4M), Brazil ($7.4M), Italy ($6.5M), Malaysia ($5.6M), and the Philippines ($5.5M).

In just one weekend, the grosses for Jurassic World in Argentina, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Middle East, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Serbia & Montenegro, Singapore, Slovakia, Trinidad, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Vietnam outgrossed the lifetime totals of all other films in the Jurassic franchise.

Super-sized Indominus Rex was also a huge draw on international IMAX screens where Jurassic opened with a record-breaking weekend of $23.5 million from 443 screens – the previous best was $16.7 million forTransformers: Age of Extinction. 3D tickets also accounted for nearly half of the international haul.

Universal’s Jurassic World co-financed by Legendary Pictures will open in its final territory Japan on August 5.

San Andreas shook up another $41.8 million this weekend from 14,250 screens in 68 markets, lifting its overseas cume to $253.5 million and its global haul to $372.62 million. The Dwayne Johnson disaster flick lost a lot of screens this weekend in China to JW and dropped 63% for $12.68 million, but has managed to gross a terrific $80.1 million after 13 days. The film took second behind JW in Mexico ($2.34M on 1,550 screens/$26.2M cume), South Korea ($2.4M on 633 screens/$11.2M cume), Brazil ($1.2M on 598 screens/$9.3M cume), and France ($1.1M on 496 screens/$6.8M cume). Other top market totals are UK/Ireland ($15.3 million), Russia ($10.4 million), Taiwan ($7.1 million), Australia ($6.1 million), Malaysia ($6.0 million), Argentina ($5.8 million), Colombia ($5.6 million), Germany ($4.7 million), Hong Kong ($3.8 million), and Italy ($2.6 million). Spain opens on June 26.

Spy netted $13.22 million from 6,837 screens in 69 territories this weekend giving the Paul Feig/Melissa McCarthy comedy $80.04 million after 4 overseas frames and $137 million globally. The top 10 territories this weekend were UK/Ireland ($2.37M on 538 screens/$8.51M cume), Russia ($1.49M on 1,374 screens/$6.03M cume), South Korea ($1.09M on 384 screens/$16.24M cume), Germany ($845K on 605 screens/$2.53M cume), Australia ($799K on 277 screens/$9.38M), Mexico ($643K on 654 screens/$3.11M cume), UAS ($505K on 32 screens/$1.95M cume), Venezuela ($467K on 32 screens/$1.61 cume), Brazil ($330K on 305 screens/$1.47M cume), and Holland ($321K on 97 screens/$898K cume). Spy has yet to open in 4 of the top 12 international territories.

Mad Max: Fury Road rolled to $5.5 million from 4,320 screens in 64 markets this weekend. George Miller’s universally acclaimed action film has made $195.15 million and $333.71 million worldwide. It opens next Saturday in Japan.

Tomorrowland squeezed out an additional $4.6 million from 49 territories this weekend giving the big-budget Disney sci-fi/adventure flick helmed by Brad Bird and starring George Clooney only $102.9 million overseas and $186.51 million globally after one month of release. In Japan where it took first last weekend,Tomorrowland dropped into third (est $1.4M/$5.2 cume) behind two local pics Long Live! The School Idol Movie and Our Little Sister. Other key performing territories are China ($18.7M), Russia ($7.7M), UK/Ireland ($7.6M), Mexico ($5.7M), France ($5.3M), Spain ($3.3M), Italy ($3.3M), Australia ($3.0M), Germany ($2.9M), and the Philippines ($2.5M).

Stand By Me Doraemon continued its strong China run this weekend with an estimated $4.4 million. The Japanese animation has now grossed $81.36 million after 18 days of release and is closing in on Big Hero 6‘s $84.6 million for the #2 highest-grossing animated film in China’s history.

Indian romantic drama Hamari Adhuri Kahani from Fox International Productions grossed $4.19 in its opening weekend on 1,313 screens across 7 markets. India bowed with $3.64 million from 1,200 screens taking second behind Jurassic World.

Pitch Perfect 2 tallied an addition $2.2 million from 46 territories this weekend bringing its overseas total to the tune of $92.43 million and it worldwide total to $263.3 million. The UK/Ireland brought in $637K for a 31-day total of $26.1 million, Australia earned $305K for a 38-day total of $21.6 million, and Germany held strong with $357K for a 32-day total of $10.6 million. The Barden Bellas next take their show to Chile on June 25.

Avengers: Age of Ultron scored $2 million from 41 territories in its eighth frame overseas. The Marvel/Disney blockbuster sequel has earned $917.2 million abroad and $1.361943 billion globally, and is now the 5th highest grossing film of all-time behind Furious 7 ($1.510 billion). China’s run ended on Thursday with $235.5 million, the country’s third highest total ever.

Films with less than $2 million overseas this weekend (Weekend Total/Overseas Total/Global Total)Entourage – $1.6 million/$5.8 million/$31.52 million

Poltergeist – $1.23 million/$26.29 million/$72.41 million
Home – $1.35 million/$204.72 million/$377.97 million
Aloha – $806K/$3.09 million/$22.08 million
Woman In Gold – $703K/$13.47 million/$45.72 million
Far From the Madding Crowd – $470K/$11.53 million/$22.28 million
The Longest Ride – $522K/$22.53 million/$59.88 million
Furious 7 – $300K/$1.160495 billion/$1.511 billion
Ex Machina – $175K/$11.25 million/$35.95 million
The Nut Job – $85K/$55.78 million/$120.05 million
Unfriended – $79K/$12.24 million/$44.72 million
Suite Francaise – $26K/$9.05 million/$9.05 million
Paddington – $7K/$183.32 million/$259.38 million

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