Variety – the Children’s Charity Continues to Serve Families During COVID-19 Crisis

Now, more than ever, it’s key to reach out (not in person) in support to those at need. Continuing to spearhead charitable efforts within the exhibition community is Variety – the Children’s Charity, local chapters of which continue to provide much-needed resources to children and families during this trying time.

And the work that Variety’s done in the past continues to pay dividends; writes Erica Lopez, Variety – the Children’s Charity’s executive director, “Grant recipients are using the adaptive and traditional bicycles they’ve received from Variety to stay active, burn some energy, and maintain their strength and coordination during a time when they are not able to go to physical therapy sessions. Others are using tablets and communication devices granted by Variety to learn at home and have conversations with their family.”

Image courtesy of Variety – the Children’s Charity

Below are efforts that regional Variety chapters are engaging in to help their communities. In addition to the activities listed below, many Variety chapters are sharing daily activities and resources—like scavenger hunts, coloring pages, educational resources, accessible technology, DIY projects, and a joke of the day—on their websites and social media pages.

Variety of Detroit and Variety of Southern California

Image courtesy of Variety – the Children’s Charity

As schools remain closed, Variety of Detroit (Facebook) provides about 1,300 bags of food to children and families in need in Pontiac every weekend. The Variety Boys & Girls Club of Boyle Heights, a beneficiary of Variety of Southern California (Facebook), distributes meals to 300 local club members every day.

Variety of St. Louis

Image courtesy of Variety – the Children’s Charity

Variety of St. Louis (Facebook) offers resources for independent learning and a list of speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy exercises that parents can do with their children at home to help them stay strong, mobile, and active, all while having some fun. They are also funding teletherapy sessions and have partnered with E-Therapy to provide virtual visits.

Variety of Kansas City

Image courtesy of Variety – the Children’s Charity

Variety of Kansas City (Facebook) posts a bedtime story for kids every night. They have also created a sign that families can download and post to indicate a member of the household has a weak immune system.

Variety of the Delaware Valley

Image courtesy of Variety – the Children’s Charity

Variety of the Delaware Valley (Facebook) has shared instructions on how to create your own sensory garden, which has a collection of plants that are appealing to one or more of the five senses: sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch.

Variety of Illinois

Image courtesy of Variety – the Children’s Charity

Variety of Illinois (Facebook) posts a Word of the Day, Quote of the Day, or Resource of the Day to spur positive and educational conversations.

Variety of Texas

Variety of Texas (Facebook) has started Variety Social, daily creative and fun family-friendly activities to bring their arts and camp programs into families’ homes.