Vista Mobile Apps Offer Curbside Concessions Pickup

Vista Cinema’s mobile apps can now help closed movie theaters keep in touch with audiences and generate revenue with curbside concessions pickup.

The solution allows moviegoers to order concessions from an exhibitor’s mobile app and pick it up at their local movie theater without any person-to-person contact.

The feature is already available at 14 of Utah’s Megaplex Theatres 15 sites. “I can say emphatically that we could not have done this without the team at Vista. It’s an invaluable partnership,” says Ryan Miner, VP of Digital Strategy. “In just the past few weeks, we’ve seen our mobile app uptake increase dramatically. Where typically we would have 1,400 or so downloads and installs of our app per month, we’re seeing over 6,000 across iOS and Android in the same amount of time.”

Vista’s mobile apps also provide are directly integrated to its loyalty programs, helping cinemas stay connected to audiences. “The loyalty connection opens opportunities for us too,” he said. “We can see more of what our guests are interested in and stay connected to them. We can delight our loyalty members with free drink refills and reward them with points for their popcorn purchases.”

Blake Andersen, President of Megaplex Theatres added: “The result of this for our employees has been huge. We haven’t had to let a single full-time hourly employee go despite closing our doors. For them to be able to work on-site, to see customers—while maintaining safe social distancing—and actually be busy? It’s been immeasurable for morale.”

Leon Newnham, Chief Executive, Vista Cinema says: “During this uncertain time we’re aiming to provide solutions that allow our customers to continue to source revenue, keep in contact with their moviegoers and start to plan for how they may adapt when reopening. Curbside pickup is a great example of this, and it’s brilliant to see our cinema customers embrace this functionality and see the results it’s driving for them.”