Warner Bros. Announces Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Will Open in China on September 4

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

With international theaters opening up to positive trends in recent weeks, including China itself, Warner Bros. has confirmed this morning that Christopher Nolan’s Tenet will debut in Middle Kingdom theaters on September 4.

The release will follow the previously announced 70-country rollout for the anticipated film on August 26, while also being timed closely to the picture’s planned debut in select United States cities on September 3.

Additionally, the studio confirmed Inception will see its 10th anniversary re-release in China one week earlier on August 28.

China, the world’s second largest theatrical market behind North America, has been regarded as a major factor in the studio’s decision to proceed with this global launch thanks to its ability to re-open many theaters with encouraging levels of demand in recent weeks — despite limited capacity seating and a reliance upon older content.

Just this past weekend, Nolan’s own Interstellar was re-released in China. The film’s $2.6 million Sunday earnings drew the best results of any title in the country since re-openings began, ranking third for the weekend overall — even without Friday or Saturday play.

In preparation for Tenet‘s release, a new trailer was released today featuring Nolan discussing the excitement of bringing the film to Chinese audiences.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.