‘The Wizard of Oz’ Hits $2 Million for Fathom Events Box Office Record

PRESS RELEASE – Denver, CO – February 6, 2019: After an extended five-day presentation in movie theaters nationwide, 1939’s The Wizard of Oz proved its enduring appeal by grossing more than $2 million at the domestic box office, becoming the highest-grossing classic film for Fathom Events and the event cinema industry.

Due to popular demand, the original three-day run on January 27, 29 and 30, was expanded to include two additional showtimes on February 3 (Super Bowl Sunday) and February 5.

The Warner Bros. release was the first film in Fathom Events’ yearlong 2019 TCM Big Screen Classics series, presented in partnership with Turner Classic Movies. With a total gross of more than $2 million during its 80th-anniversary release, The Wizard of Oz surpassed the box-office figures for previous Fathom Events record-holders, including the 40th anniversary of Jaws in 2015 ($1.62 million); a 2014 presentation of Gone With the Wind ($1.55 million); and 2017’s 30th anniversary presentation of The Princess Bride ($1.48 million), all of which were presented in partnership with TCM.

“We received reports from moviegoers all over the country who saw The Wizard of Oz on the big screen, many for the first time,” said Tom Lucas, Fathom Events VP of studio relations. “Seeing a flawless digital presentation of a beloved film offers a new level of appreciation for the magic of the movies and allows the opportunity to share that special experience with a new generation of fans.”

The Wizard of Oz is a movie unlike perhaps any other, one whose appeal does not seem to diminish with the passage of time,” said Genevieve McGillicuddy, VP of enterprises and strategic partnerships at TCM. “It’s an honor for TCM present this beloved film as part of the TCM Big Screen Classics series.”

Next up in the series are My Fair Lady (February), To Kill a Mockingbird (March) and Ben-Hur (April). Each film is accompanied by brand-new commentary from TCM primetime host Ben Mankiewicz, presented before and after the movie.

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