AMC Partners with Cinionic to Install Laser Projectors at 3,500 US Auditoriums 

AMC Lincoln Square on March 5, 2021. Photo by Daniel Loria

AMC Theatres, the largest cinema chain in the United States, is upgrading the newrly half of its domestic circuit to laser projection through cinema technology provider Cinionic. The deal represents the first major projection technology upgrade for AMC since it first transitioned to digital. 

The projection upgrade initiative—branded as Laser at AMC, Powered by Cinionic—will introduce Cinionic laser projection to 3,500 AMC auditoriums in the United States. Installations are scheduled to begin later this year on a market-by-market basis across the United States and continue through 2026. 

The laser projectors and associated auditorium upgrades are valued around a quarter of a billion dollars, according to the circuit. AMC will only have to commit a fraction of that cost upfront through Cinionic’s Cinema-as-a-Service program, which provides flexible financing terms for circuits looking to upgrade their projection equipment. 

The Laser at AMC experience delivered by laser projection from Cinionic includes improved picture contrast compared to digital projectors, more vivid color, and maximum picture brightness, with guaranteed light levels that exceeds most 2D digital projection. Cinionic, and founding partner Barco, have spearheaded laser-based presentation technology for cinema since 2014 and today boasts more than 30,000 laser projectors installed in theaters worldwide.

In addition to Laser at AMC, powered by Cinionic, AMC offers laser projection in its Premium Large Format auditoriums: Dolby Cinema at AMC, PRIME at AMC, and select IMAX at AMC, as well as in its recent new-build openings.

“For the last two years as AMC has navigated its way through the pandemic, we have done so not only with the intention of survival, but with an eye to the future of moviegoing and continuing to enhance the guest experience at our theaters,” said Adam Aron, Chairman and CEO of AMC Theatres, in a press release. “Through our wonderful Premium Large Format partnerships with IMAX and Dolby, AMC is firmly established as the industry leader in premium experiences. Laser at AMC, powered by Cinionic, allows us to bring a premium on-screen presentation to hundreds of our theatres and thousands of auditoriums around the country, for a greener way to go to the movies, with only a minimal capital investment. This partnership with Cinionic helps ensure that the future of the on-screen presentation at AMC is, fittingly, very bright.”

“At Cinionic, we’re in this for the long-term. Together with AMC, we’re giving moviegoers the laser difference that you can only get in the cinema,” added Wim Buyens, CEO of Cinionic. “Made possible by our industry-pioneering Cinema-as- a-Service program, the partnership with AMC enables a consistent, elevated, and laser-powered big screen experience for the next generation. Cinionic is dedicated to cinema and investing in its future.”

AMC Lincoln Square on March 5, 2021. Photo by Daniel Loria

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