Atom Tickets Partners with SnapChat for In-App Ticketing

Ticketing platform Atom Tickets has announced that it will be a premier launch partner for Snap Minis, a new SnapChat feature that allows third-party developers to run their own miniature apps inside of SnapChat proper. The Atom Ticket miniature app, called Movie Tickets by Atom, will allow SnapChat users to watch movie trailers, buy tickets, and coordinate group moviegoing plans within SnapChat.

Movie Tickets by Atom is expected to launch in the U.S. and Canada this summer.

“It’s clear that our customers are Snap users and that Snap users are movie lovers,” said Matthew Bakal, co-founder and chairman of Atom Tickets. “We’re always looking at where our customers spend their time so that we can deliver the best experience in a way that’s most convenient for them. The Movie Tickets by Atom Mini builds upon our existing DNA as a socially driven platform that makes moviegoing easier and brings friends together.”

Movie Tickets by Atom will support all of Atom’s existing exhibitor partners and will keep in place any social distance-enabling reserved seating maps that those companies have. Tickets bought via SnapChat can be scanned at the theater with a QR code, enabling contactless ticketing, which has become a priority for many reopening exhibitors as a means to halt the spread of Covid-19. In an Atom Tickets survey released last month, 88 percent of respondents called contactless ticketing an important safety measure.

“The Movie Tickets by Atom Mini is a tailored experience for Snapchat,” added Chris Brucia, chief product officer at Atom Tickets. “With the help of the collaborative Snap team, we were able to shape the Atom Mini to emphasize discovery features Snapchatters find most appealing like watching trailers and sharing moviegoing plans with friends.”