B&B Theatres and MX4D Bring 4D Theater to Dallas-Ft. Worth


B&B Theatres has opened its eighth MX4D theatre system in Wylie, TX, a growing Northeast suburb of Dallas. The Wylie Theatre already features Marquee Suites®, PLF GRAND SCREEN®, Lyric, and screenPLAY! auditoriums. The first film to play in the newly added MX4D Motion Experience auditorium is Sony’s Jumanji the Next Level, followed by the imminent engagement of Disney’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
This installation by B&B closely follows the stellar grand opening of MX4D at the brand new B&B Wheatland 9 Theatre complex in Topeka, Kansas. That MX4D auditorium has been frequently selling out, and is running way ahead of initial attendance projections.

Brock Bagby, Executive Vice President of Missouri based B&B Theatres stated, “We recently signed an additional ten theatre deal with MediaMation, as the results are tremendous box-office grosses and high capacity, efficient operations. Plus it’s a presentation that can only be seen, felt, heard and literally smelled in the cinema!”

MediaMation’s MX4D is a fully immersive theater experience which features plush full motion seats and an EFX package carefully programmed to enhance the latest feature film blockbusters. Seat based EFX include neck ticklers, back pokers, seat rumblers, and leg ticklers. The patented armrest supplies air and water blasts, wind and scent to each patron in the same volume with no disparity due to location in the auditorium. Within the auditorium, programmed atmospheric effects include snow, lights, fog, rain and bubbles. All MX4D installs are full auditoriums, not partial rows, for a truly communal experience. Visit www.bbtheatres.com for showtimes and information for the Wylie 12 Theatre and Wheatland 9 Theatre, as well as, all the nearly 50 other great circuit locations. Tickets on sale now for Jumanji The Next Level and Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker in MX4D and other exciting formats.

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