B&B Theatres to Close All 50 Locations Nationwide

Missouri-based B&B Theatres announced that all its 50 locations nationwide will close until further notice, effective immediately. Locations that had remained open up to this point will close at end of business today.

President and CEO Bob Bagby stated, “The unprecedented and unpredictable circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic and required response efforts have taken dramatic tolls on the economy, supply chain, employment, and the livelihood and health of untold individuals and families around the globe. In keeping with local recommendations and mandates, we at B&B Theatres have aggressively reacted with new policies and procedures in an effort to remain open to guests during this time, hoping to continue to do what we’ve always done: provide entertainment and escape to our valued friends and guests. The situation, however, continues to evolve at a rapid rate.”

Bagby continued, “For nearly a century, our greatest responsibility has been our commitment to providing safe, clean, and accommodating facilities to every family we serve…but our greatest joy has been providing those families with access to the magic of the movies. We know that this situation is creating anxiety, concern, and even some fear of the unknown. We feel it too. But we are committed to responsibly weathering the storm together: retaining our dedication to our employees and corporate family, remaining engaged in community and response efforts, and coming back on the other side of all this stronger and readier than ever to get popcorn popping, tickets torn, and the magic of Hollywood back on the big screen in your hometown.”

He concluded, “B&B Theatres is a family-owned company. But moreover, it’s a family.  During this hectic and uncertain time, we encourage you all to be the same. Be safe, responsible, patient, and kind. Take care and be healthy. We can’t wait to reopen and bring the magic of the movies back to you and your families.”

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