Beijing UME International Cineplex Installs Shenzhen Timewaying Technology’s LA2K-10 LED Cinema System

Floating imagery of a sci-fi space aircraft carrier pops out of the HeyLED screen at the Beijing theater, where a press event was held to introduce the system in Beijing, Dec. 29, 2021. [Photo courtesy of Timewaying]


Shenzhen Timewaying Technology’s milestone LA2K-10 LED Cinema System, with the brand name HeyLED, was recently installed at the Beijing UME International Cineplex.

Beijing UME is China’s first cinema to install the system, China’s first DCI-approved 10-meter-wide cinema screen with self-developed and independent core technology intellectual properties in both software and hardware. More exhibitors in other cities are now discussing with Timewaying to launch more such specially powered theaters.

Development started in 2018 with the support of the China Research Institute of Film Science & Technology, and the LA2K-10 screen is their first LED product.

Compared with the traditional DLP projection technology, the enhanced LED cinema screen has higher contrast, higher brightness, purer color, and copyright protection. For example, because it delivers image on a genuinely black screen. Since the screen absorbs light from secondary-reflection rather than reflecting it, the intra-frame contrast ratio can be increased by more than 20 times of that achieved by older projection technologies.

The company also has a plan to launch HeyLED worldwide. It will install one screen in Los Angeles early this year for executives of Hollywood studios to experience. In April, it will promote the system at CinemaCon 2022 in Las Vegas and introduce the screen system to international markets.

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