Black Widow Debuts in 270-Degree Panoramic ScreenX and Multi-Sensory 4DX Formats from CJ 4DPLEX

CJ 4DPLEX and The Walt Disney Company announced Friday that Marvel Studios’ Black Widow will be releasing on both the 270-degree panoramic ScreenX and the multi-sensory 4DX formats this weekend.

The film opens today on more than 359 ScreenX screens worldwide and more than 63 screens in North America at Regal Cinemas, Cineplex, B&B Theatres, Cinepolis, and CGV Cinemas. The format visually expands selected scenes from the film on additional screens placed on the left and right walls of the cinema auditorium.

The film also opens in the multi-sensory format 4DX on more than 773 screens worldwide and more than 49 screens in North America at Regal Cinemas, Cineplex, Cinepolis, Marcus Theatres and CGV Cinemas. 4DX offers more than 20 different motion and environmental effects, including scents, seat rolling and shaking, and weather simulations such as rain, fog, and wind.

Previous Marvel Studios’ collaborations with CJ 4DPLEX included 2019’s Captain Marvel and 2018’s Black Panther

“The thrill of going to the movies is back with Black Widow, and CJ 4DPLEX is creating two amazing, unique ways for fans to experience this film in theaters,” CJ 4DPLEX America CEO and President Don Savant said in a company press release.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with the teams at Disney and Marvel Studios to share this epic blockbuster on the big screen, and we look forward to welcoming fans back into our theaters for the global release of the film in our immersive ScreenX format and our multi-sensory 4DX experience,” said Jongryul Kim, CEO of the South Korea-based CJ 4DPLEX.

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