Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema Introduces New Winter Menu


Snow days are upon us as the winter season slowly creeps in. Nitehawk Cinema, New York’s original dine-in theater, has concocted a new, wintery menu designed to moviegoers indulge on these frigid, winter days.  

First up, cocktails! Nitehawk Williamsburg’s beverage director, Rob Giles, is excited to introduce new seasonal cocktails to warm the senses. “One of our newest seasonal cocktails offerings is a drink called Rosemary’s Baby. It’s a play on a New York Sour, made with bourbon, lemon juice, and a rosemary simple syrup. It’s taken up a notch with the addition of St. Agrestis, a Brooklyn based amaro company, that imparts cinnamon, nutmeg, and preserved rhubarb. Finally, we finish it with Cabernet Sauvignon that creates a drink that is both herbal and rich, while at the same time quite refreshing.” 

New Signature Cocktails Include:

  • T.E. Lawrence:  Neversink Gin, sumac & cardamom tonic, stone pine liqueur, pomegranate, lime
  • The Ladykillers: Perry’s Tot Gin, elderflower, ginger, Earl Grey, lemon, Angostura
  • Rosemary’s Baby: Four Roses Bourbon, St. Agrestis Amaro, red wine, rosemary, black pepper, lemon, Angostura
  • Cleopatra: lemon infused Denizen White Rum, pistachio, coconut cream, cinnamon (Williamsburg only)
  • Keep The Dodgers In Brooklyn Egg Cream: chocolate syrup, oat milk, seltzer, Plantation Xaymaca Rum, winter spices, green tea (Prospect Park only)
  • Two-Lane Blacktop: NY Distilling Ragtime Rye, Punt e Mes, lapsang souchong, Suze, pineapple bitters
  • The Rum Diary: Jamaican rums, house-made cinnamon-coffee cola, lime

Beer and wine complete the beverage menu, incorporating local breweries from the Brooklyn family.  Beverage director at Nitehawk Prospect Park, Nick Dodge elaborates, “We have some really great beers from some incredible local breweries going on to the menu, including our neighbors in Williamsburg; Interboro and Grimm, and our neighbors at Prospect Park; Five Boroughs and Other Half.”

New Beers Include:

Draught Beer:

  • Off Color Apex Predator Saison
  • Destihl Flanders Red Wild Sour (Prospect Park only)
  • Collective Arts Stranger Than Fiction Porter

Beer Cans: 

  • Five Boroughs Hoppy Lager 
  • Evil Twin Nomader Weisse 
  • Other Half Double IPA
  • Grimm Heliogram Dry-Hopped Sour 

Nitehawk’s new winter food menu introduces a selection of hearty dishes created to make you forget how dreadfully cold it really is outside.  New, hearty, vegetarian options satisfy your stomach while not compromising your new year’s resolution. Nitehawk Prospect Park’s new Mole Mushroom Quesadilla has you reminiscing of warmer weather while indulging in delicious mole portobellos, scallions, pickled jalapeños, jack cheese, and lime crema.

Executive chef of Nitehawk Williamsburg, Michael Franey, is thrilled to feature the new Whipped Ricotta Crostini. “The buffalo milk ricotta from Calabro and Murray’s Cheese is something I am very excited about highlighting for this season. The ricotta is rich and creamy and has an extra punch of earthiness. This richness is cut with a sweet and spicy mix from carrots that have been glazed with maple syrup and ginger.”

New Food Offerings:

  • MOLE MUSHROOM QUESADILLA*: mole portobellos, scallions, pickled jalapeños, jack cheese, lime crema (Prospect Park only)
  • WHIPPED RICOTTA CROSTINI*: buffalo milk ricotta, maple ginger glazed carrots, pistachios, baguette (Williamsburg only)
  • FLATBREAD*: garlic Lioni Latticini ricotta, butternut squash, kale, balsamic honey, hazelnuts (Prospect Park only)
  • KALE SALAD*: roasted and raw fennel, pomegranate seeds, preserved orange vinaigrette
  • FARRO BOWL*: delicata squash, watercress, spiced pumpkin seeds, sage pesto. Choice of grilled chicken, smoked salmon, or crispy tofu
  • GRILLED FISH TACOS: grilled basa, cilantro slaw, flour tortilla, lime crema, spicy guajillo salsa (Prospect Park only)
  • VEGGIE KATSU SANDO*: celery root katsu, tonkatsu sauce, watercress, shredded cabbage, vegan kombu mayo, white bread, salad (Prospect Park only)
  • SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM: vanilla*, toasted marshmallow, or swirl
  • ROCKY SUNDAE: toasted marshmallow soft serve, cocoa butter infused walnuts, chocolate sauce, whipped cream
  • JAMAICAN RUM COFFEE FLOAT: toasted marshmallow soft serve, Manhattan Special Espresso Soda, Hamilton Black Rum (virgin float $10)

Saving the best for last? Our newest dessert addition is sure to have you coming back for more.  Nitehawk Prospect Park executive chef, Blessing Shuman-Strange explains, “A new twist on an old classic, the Rocky Sundae has all the flavors of rocky road ice cream reimagined into a wonderful confection. A healthy swirl of our house made toasted marshmallow soft serve is topped with a velvety warm chocolate sauce, whipped cream and finished with cocoa butter infused walnuts from our chocolate bar producer Ronnie Sue’s.”

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