Cine Colombia Announces Two New Dinamix 4D Theatres to be Launched in 2017, featuring MediaMation’s MX4D Motion EFX Seating


August 28, 2017- Chipichape Cali, Colombia​ –  For 90 years, since its founding in 1927, Cine Colombia has led the way in innovation and new technology to deliver the best in moviegoing entertainment to its patrons. Today, Cine Colombia announced plans to add two new Dinamix 4D theatres in 2017, featuring MX4D® Motion EFX technology and continuing its commitment to providing an unforgettable entertainment experience to moviegoers. Cine Colombia and MediaMation have enjoyed a strong partnership since 2014, with Cine Colombia utilizing MediaMation’s MX4D technology across 7 Dinamix 4D locations in its theatres in Bogotá, Barranquilla, Villavicencio and Cali. The new theatres will open at the Chipichape Theatre in Cali in August and the Molina Theatre in Medellin in December.

MX4D Motion EFX technology has emerged as an immersive cinema technology leader, attracting audiences across the globe and driving attendance for cinema operators, with over 300% growth year over year. MediaMation’s MX4D technology is currently installed in over 200 cinemas worldwide, including the US, China, Mexico and the Middle East, and the company continues to drive innovation, recently rolling out its eSports offering that enables cinemas to host and stream eSports tournaments. As an early adopter of MX4D Motion EFX seating, Cine Colombia recognized its potential to transform the movie going experience and has received a very favorable response by patrons since launching its first Dinamix 4D cinema three years ago.

Unique features of MX4D Motion EFX cinema technology include “pitch, roll and heave” motion seats, air and water blasts, leg ticklers, fog, scents, and other special effects that emanate from the chair’s patented armrest or from inside the theatre itself. These built-in or atmospheric effects are meticulously designed to enhance the on-screen action and work together to transport the moviegoer more deeply into the experience. MediaMation’s turnkey system delivers extremely fluid seat-to-film programming, efficient technology and streamlined operation and maintenance, all of which have contributed to the continued success of its valued partnership with Cine Colombia.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our Dinamix 4D movie-going experience with MediaMation,” says Daniel Montes, Director de Mercadeo, Cine Colombia. He adds, “Our goal is always to provide the best possible entertainment for our patrons, and Dinamix, driven by MediaMation’s MX4D Motion EFX technology, delivers a state of the art, immersive 4D experience that our patrons greatly enjoy.”

Added Heather Blair, Head of Sales, MediaMation, Inc. “Cine Colombia’s commitment to consistently raising the bar and taking a forward-thinking approach makes them a great exhibitor partner. We are proud that our MX4D technology is generating enthusiastic audiences and strong results across the Cine Colombia circuit, and we look forward to continuing to build upon that success.”

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