CinemaNext Reaches Agreement with Paris-based Les 7 Batignolles for Sphera Premium Cinema Launch


Paris (France) and Liège (Belgium) – 20 April 2018 / CinemaNext, the European leader in services to cinema exhibitors (Ymagis Group, ISIN: FR0011471291, TICKER: MAGIS, PME-PEA, TECH 40), and Les 7 Batignolles announce the signature of an agreement for the deployment of the new Sphera premium cinema concept at the new Les 7 Batignolles multiplex. The grand opening of the 7-screen 1,200-seat complex including Sphera, which will be located in the new district of Les Batignolles currently under construction, in front of the new Courthouse is scheduled to take place in October.

Sphera is designed to provide audiences with the best-ever cinema experience. The Sphera cinema at Les 7 Batignolles will feature a 15-metre wide wall-to-wall screen and over 330 premium seats. A Sony Digital Cinema 4K Laser SRX-R815DS dual-stack projection system achieving a contrast of 10,000:1 will be used for EclairColor HDR feature presentations. LED strip lighting hidden behind acoustic panels will allow the images projected on the screen to be extended to the side walls of the auditorium for any preshow, Live event, concert or e-Sports session. Finally, the sound system will be powered with Dolby Atmos® technology boosted by Line Array type front speakers and the THOR subwoofer for an unparalleled high-quality sound experience.

“The first Sphera auditorium at Village Cinemas has proven to be hugely popular among Athenians. Now it’s the Parisians’ turn to discover our new premium cinema concept,” explains Virgile Fridemann, CinemaNext account manager and Director of the Bordeaux agency. “Sphera represents a key stage in the deployment of our EclairColor HDR solution, available to all exhibitors. We are delighted to work with the teams at Les 7 Batignolles on this bold project, which marks our first cinema entirely equipped with the latest laser phosphor projectors from two of our partners: Barco and Sony Digital Cinema 4K.”

For the film director Djamel Bensalah, a business partner in Les 7 Batignolles company, “We are impatient to welcome audiences to our cinema, built in the heart of the vibrant Les Batignolles urban project. Our requirements for comfort, design and innovation through the new technologies we deploy live up to this rapidly developing district. As a filmmaker, offering the very best in the field of sound and cinema pictures with the EclairColor HDR process and combining it with a unique architectural, aesthetic, acoustic concept for an even more immersive and innovative experience is truly exciting. With my associates – Jacques Font, Jean-Philippe Julia and Isaac Sharry – we have been convinced by the turnkey premium cinema solution proposed by CinemaNext, and we hope that the public will rush into this new auditorium that should become a new world standard for cinematic experiences.”

The Sphera website is available at

Sphera™ is a registered trademark of Ymagis Group.

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