Cinemark and EntTelligence Announce Extension of Service Agreement

The Cinemark Roseville Galleria Mall and XD Theatre (Image Courtesy of Cinemark Theatres)

After a comprehensive pilot period, Cinemark has signed a service agreement with EntTelligence to utilize its core measurement and insights system. The platform provides detailed analysis and actionable information on moviegoer impressions from approximately 3,000 theaters, measuring capacity and attendance at the auditorium and showtime level. EntTelligence’s approach collates information from hundreds of theater chains, parses data by market, and offers features such as the ability for users to accurately determine audience exposure of content including the ads/trailers within a given auditorium.

“With the rapidly evolving theatrical landscape, we’re thrilled to collaborate with a cutting-edge technology and insights company that provides distinct analytics and caters to our expansive data vision,” said Justin McDaniel, Cinemark’s senior vice president of Global Content Strategy and Analysis. “EntTelligence has already provided significant value and insights with their data tracking services, and we look forward to working alongside the team to garner even more insight as we evolve our strategic actions and tactics”.

“Cinemark has always provided industry thought leadership and continues to find innovative ways to consume and utilize data,” said Steve Buck, EntTelligence’s chief strategy officer and partner. “It’s exciting to partner with such a pioneering exhibitor to analyze the reach of the 2023 moviegoer, and to help them maximize opportunities for the amazing slate of upcoming studio films.”

The Cinemark Roseville Galleria Mall and XD Theatre (Image Courtesy of Cinemark Theatres)

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