Cinemark Celebrates the Star Snack of Moviegoing on National Popcorn Day

Courtesy of Cinemark

One Snack to Rule Them All. Although moviegoers have many delicious options to choose from while visiting the concession stand, they have proudly demonstrated their enthusiasm for the crunchy, salty kernels time and time again. During 2022 alone, over five billion ounces of popcorn were consumed nationwide at Cinemark theaters. To celebrate popcorn’s biggest day, a large popcorn will be 50% off on National Popcorn Day (January 19th), both in-theater and through the ‘Snacks in a Tap’ advance ordering feature.

Popcorn enthusiasts can also participate in the multiple sweepstakes taking place in honor of the holiday. For the social-media savvy moviegoer, everyone who follows the official Cinemark Instagram account (@Cinemark) and comments on the National Popcorn Day post on January 19th will have the chance to win a free large popcorn. To qualify, kernel fans must tag three friends in the comments that they would love to share a great film and the cinematic snack with.

Movie lovers looking to enjoy their favorite snack all year long can enter the Snacks in a Tap National Popcorn Day sweepstakes. From now until January 19th, all who place a concessions order using the Snacks in a Tap advance ordering feature will be entered to win free popcorn and Coke for an entire year. Five lucky winners will be chosen and able to enjoy this iconic snack pairing all throughout 2023.

Cinemark’s bingeworthy popcorn is easier than ever to order. The Snacks in a Tap advance ordering feature allows customers to purchase their favorite movie theater snacks online and have them waiting at a dedicated pick-up counter once they arrive at the theater. Customers can also have the snacks delivered directly to their seat for a nominal fee. For cravings that extend all the way past the end credits, Cinemark popcorn is now available on Uber Eats in select markets in Texas, with more to come nationwide. One of the tasty options available includes Cinemark Pack-A-Pop, which is the equivalent of three large popcorns, perfectly packaged to-go. In addition to being available on the app, the treat can also be purchased in-theater and taken home.

“Cinemark’s signature popcorn is the key to every great moviegoing experience, and we are excited to honor the iconic movie theater concession in multiple ways for National Popcorn Day,” said Phillip Couch, Cinemark’s executive vice president of food & beverage. “Moviegoers have long craved that salty, buttery goodness to enjoy while watching a captivating film in our immersive auditoriums, and on this special day we are making it even easier to relish with delicious deals and sweepstakes worthy of the true superstar of movie snacks.”

Courtesy of Cinemark
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