Cineplex Brings TikTok ‘For You’ Page to the Big Screen with Cinema Advertising Initiative

Cineplex has collaborated with TikTok to leverage a new way to engage entertainment lovers this Fall. Brands are now able to integrate with curated TikTok content in a customized two-minute segment shown in theaters during the Cineplex pre-show. Playing across all Cineplex screens in both regular format and VIP Cinemas, the TikTok ‘For You’ Page (FYP) integration will be in the app’s vertical format, displayed in two-minute segments, and feature a number of videos from Canadian and international TikTok creators. With a community of over 1 billion people, this big screen FYP content feed provides advertisers a unique opportunity to connect directly with audiences across all demos. Cineplex is set to launch the big screen opportunity on Friday, November 4th with beauty brand DECIEM. In December, Canadian interbank network Interac will also be featured. Brands leveraging the opportunity on Cineplex screens will feature alongside some of the most entertaining content found on TikTok. Cineplex is the first theater chain to utilize the solution globally.

“We are absolutely thrilled to collaborate with TikTok as we share a commitment to entertaining audiences and empowering content creators. This world-first opportunity allows us to do just that alongside innovative advertisers,” said Vanessa Benfield, the senior vice president of media sales for Cineplex. “We are very happy to kick off this big screen TikTok integration with beloved and renowned brands like DECIEM and Interac and look forward to evolving this offering in the coming months to provide tailor-made opportunities for bold and innovative advertisers who want to experiment and engage authentically with audiences across multiple platforms.”

“This will be such a unique experience for Cineplex guests, whether they are current TikTok users or have been curious about this short-form entertainment phenomenon. We are excited to provide the millions of Canadians returning to the theater with even more original content in our pre-show and we can’t wait to welcome advertisers across all industries to join us in providing the ultimate opportunity for movie lovers to escape into the theatrical experience,” said Sara Moore, the executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Cineplex.

“We’re excited to be collaborating with one of the leading entertainment companies in Canada to bring TikTok to the big screen. TikTok is redefining the way creators are discovered and how audiences engage with entertainment content. In collaborating with Cineplex, we look forward to furthering this audience engagement, bringing the joy of TikTok to theatre screens across Canada,” shared TikTok’s Dan Page, the head of global distribution for new screens.

“Collaborating with Cineplex not only brings TikTok’s ‘For You’ page to the big screen, it also provides brands an opportunity to extend their on-platform campaigns to audiences in the midst of the pre-show experience. We’re thrilled to bring this first-of-its-kind execution to life and excited to elevate this partnership further with customized solutions that bolster creativity, creators and community for our brand partners,” said Joshua Bloom, the general manager of global business solutions for TikTok Canada.

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