CJ 4DPLEX Finishes Out CinemaCon with Announcement of New International Deals

Image courtesy: ScreenX


HOLLYWOOD, Calif.- March 4, 2019 –CJ 4DPLEX has officially wrapped its seventh appearance at CinemaCon 2019 (Las Vegas, NV). Major announcements at the conference included global expansion, a multi-picture agreement with Warner Bros. Pictures, and a showcase of their latest cinematic innovations.

“We are very excited to have had another hugely successful year at CinemaCon 2019.” said JongRyul Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. “We have presented the very best new technologies, continued to develop larger partnerships with Hollywood, and demonstrated the strong growth that CJ 4DPLEX is building together with theater exhibitors all around the world. 4DX and ScreenX continue to be innovative technologies that will push the theatrical experience for both audiences that are increasingly seeking new ways to experience cinema and theater owners that rely on the box office draw of immersive cinema technologies.”

Additional information about CJ 4DPLEX’s new international deals is below. All told, the company secured nine new deals, expanding the 4DX and ScreenX footprint worldwide.

  • Bright Minds/Empire Cinemas to open 10 new 4DX theaters in Saudi Arabia by 2023
  • Cineplanet to open 3 all-new ScreenX theaters in Peru and Chile by 2019
  • Cineplex to open 20 additional ScreenX theaters in Canada, with the first 12 screens by 2020
  • Cineplex GmbH & Co. KG to open the very first 4DX screen in Germany in 2019
  • Cinepolis to open 3 All-new ScreenX and 4 additional 4DX screens,  including the award-winning ‘4DX with ScreenX’ Format in the Americas within 2019
  • INOX to bring the very first ScreenX theaters to India
  • Kinepolis to open 6 ScreenX theaters
  • PVR to open 10 ScreenX theaters in India by 2021
  • Silver Screens to open 6 4DX and ScreenX theaters
Image courtesy: ScreenX
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